Technically, living in the tropics means we only experience two types of weather: summer and stormy. But we think all Filipinas recognize the unofficial third type—and that’s the tricky, transitional season in between.

Notice how you leave the house dressed for a certain climate and get to your office completely unprepared for the change in weather? Us, too. Unpredictable temps don’t just affect your dressing choices—they also wreak havoc on your hair and makeup (hands up if you’re frizzing today!). So for days when your weather app isn’t quite accurate, here’s a battle plan to keep you looking neat and pretty.


  • Start using a primer. Nothing fancy-shmancy about this—it’s actually a really practical product that boosts your makeup’s staying power. Primers should be applied before BB Cream or foundation to make the color adhere to your skin for a longer period of time. Most are sheer, colorless, and weightless, so they can also be applied over makeup all throughout the day to control shine. TRY: NARS’ Pro-Prime Pore Refining Primer, Max Factor’s Face Finity All Day Primer, or Pop Beauty’s Face Magnet Primer

  • Oily eyelids? Opt for waterproof formulas of mascara, shadow, and eyeliner. And if you find these a pain to rinse off, there are primers made especially for the delicate eye area, like this one by City Color, which easily holds eye makeup in place. And because the beauty gods are smiling upon you today, here’s a lash primer for your mascara, too.

  • Make friends with a makeup sealer! Sealers have a “laminating” effect on makeup, the way a topcoat works for nail polish. Prevent color smearing, streaking, or bleeding-out on painted-on areas like lips and brows with Suesh’s sealing formulas: here and here!


  • Frizzing? Fight the fluff with an anti-frizz spray, smoothing serum, or style extender. “Style extender” is basically a fancy term for a product that makes your good hair day last until tomorrow (and beyond).

  • Limp-locked? Time to test out dry shampoo! Not only does it cleanse your hair as well as a regular shampoo, it also produces an instant volumizing effect. No water required here, so you can apply the product in the car or in the ladies’ room at the office. Fixer-upper: found! TRY: Bedhead / TIGI’s Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo and Dirty Secret Dry Conditioner


  • Some folks find themselves extra oily in the face of fickle weather, while others dry up like raisins. If you fall under the latter category, go for a hardworking moisturizer that works for your lips, cheeks, forehead, neck, and other areas that flake or chap. We love all-over salves because we get all the benefits of five, ten, products in one portable case! Tip: You can use these on tough cuticles and calloused feet, too. TRY: VMV Hypoallergenics’ Re-Everything Face-Hand-Body Lotion, Zenutrients’ Olive Cream Face & Body Moisturizer, or By Nature’s Balm of Butter