Who would rely on hearsay to polish and protect their pelts? Not us. Skincare is a serious business at the BeautyMNL office, and when we’ve got questions, we consult an expert. Take Lucy Torres-Gomez, for example, whose skin (and overall self) seems to get more and more beautiful with each passing year. (Darn it.)

When the lovely Miss Lucy was in few weeks back, we probed her about (what else?) her skincare secrets and why she just can’t get enough of one new local label. (Hint: It lives up to its promises).
“What’s your skincare routine in the morning?”

“In the morning, it’s simpler than the one at night. It’s basically just to wash the face and moisturize it—and then after that, powder. I don’t like putting too many things because I’m really lazy when it comes to touching up. Somebody told me to always have a bottle of toner. Because if you can’t wash your face, then you can at least freshen up with toner and a cotton pad—then you retouch. Basta, the biggest no-no is retouching an already oily face because it really clogs the pores.”
Everyday Beautiful Kit What’s your skincare routine in the evening?

“In the evening, I’m maarte. I use the Everyday Beautiful Kit religiously. I don’t deviate from it, especially because it works for me. But I can never do just with the Everyday Beautiful. Trecurase Kit I also use the Trecurase Kit. I switch to that because there are times when my skin breaks out, especially when I am in [Leyte] for my work. Trecurase is really good at keeping my skin clear, so I need both the Everyday Beautiful Kit and the Trecurase Kit.”

What’s the most valuable beauty advice you’ve ever received?

“The most valuable beauty advice I’ve ever received is not to tinker with your face. My mom always tells me that. I’m a work in progress when it comes to that department. When I see a spot, I really can’t wait for it to just naturally go away. But I don’t want recommend that to anyone. I tell my daughter especially not to pick her face.”
If you could turn back time, what advice would you give to your younger self?

“There are so many things I wish I knew when I was younger. For the kids now, their skin is so nice—but even if they have nice skin, they put foundation because it’s uso. They don’t have to do that. They should fully embrace the beauty of young skin and develop good habits.”

“What is the secret to your timeless elegance?”

“You don’t have to spend so much to find skincare that works for you—but I’m a believer of investing in your skin and spending less on makeup to cover your imperfections. I think the only way you can really have fun with makeup is when you have a clear base to start with. Good skin is not just something you pray or hope for. It’s something you commit to. If you want something, you take an active role in making that happen. Empower yourself that way.” Promise is available on BeautyMNL. Shop it right here!