My hair didn’t use to be thin and finely textured. I had a monstrous head of hair during my grade school years, but I hated it then because my classmates would always call me out on it. I miss it now though. I wish I could have it back, but due to genetic reasons compounded by work- related stress, my hair has become so fine that a part of my scalp is already showing.
Instead of moaning and groaning about it, I’ve made it my mission to find the best shampoos for fine hair. I really can’t use conditioner more than once a week since it weighs down my locks—and I advise you to use it sparingly if you have thin hair, too. Instead, choose a shampoo that cleanses without drying your hair; it’s also important that it won’t irritate your scalp. There are also shampoos that promote hair growth. When used every day, they actually do help thicken the texture of the new strands that grow out.
So, without further ado, here are some of my favorite finds and why I love them!

FIND #1: Shiseido’s Tsubaki Extra Cleansing Oil Shampoo
For fine hair, it’s important to use cleansing shampoo at least once a week so that the strands don’t go flat. If you love using styling products such as hair spray, wax, or mousse, you want to be able to wash everything off to prevent all that residue from weighing down your hair.
That being said, Shiseido’s famous Tsubaki hair care line is difficult to find here in the Philippines, so I am SO happy that BeautyMNL stocks the brand’s best stuff! The Tsubaki Head Spa is one of the most popular lines and for good reason: the Extra Cleansing Shampoo (which, yes, I use) smells wonderful and removes any product build-up from the hair after only one wash!

FIND #2: Phytocyane’s Densifying Treatment Shampoo
This shampoo is the most effective one I’ve found when it comes to thickening my hair. It was actually recommended to me by my hairstylist and I’m so glad I followed his advice! I’ve been using Phytocyane for almost half a year now. It really works, as long as it’s lathered on and left to soak regularly. It has a pleasant herbal smell and runny texture, and rinses off with no residue.

FIND #3: VMV Hypoallergenics’ Superwash Hair + Body Milk Shampoo
Got sensitive skin prone to rashes and breakouts on top of fine hair? Then you must try VMV’s Superwash! This cleanses effectively without drying out my hair and making it go flat, with the added perk of also being pretty useful as a body wash. Fun fact: I’ve been using this for years—it’s what I turn to particularly when my skin is in a bad state.

FIND #4: Avalon Organics’ Biotin B-Complex Thickening Shampoo
Here’s another shampoo that helps thicken my hair over time, and costs only half of Phytocyane (wink, wink). Biotin is a superb nutrient for helping hair grow stronger and thicker when used consistently, and it’s the star of this Avalon shampoo, which also boasts of being 70% organic! It has an herby, rosemary-like smell which I love as well.

FIND #5: Pantene’s Aqua Pure Shampoo
If you’re looking for something truly affordable, I highly recommend this Pantene shampoo, which retails for only P139. The formula has no silicone, added dye, or parabens to guarantee only the most weightless results for your hair. If, beyond fineness, your other main hair issue is flatness, then this budget-friendly bottle is for you!
Here’s to the end of your long search for the best shampoo for fine hair! I would love to know what you use for yours, so I can check it out for myself!

Photos by Liz Lanuzo