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Johanna: “I’ve noticed there’s a lot of hype around Korean skincare products and especially regimens nowadays. I can see why—all my favorite K-pop stars have the BEST skin. Are all these steps necessary in achieving and maintaining such perfect skin?


NAME: Maria Deanna T. Moreno, MD, FPDS
CLINIC: Oracle Korean Aesthetic Clinic (Makati)

DR. DEANNA SAYS: “In taking care of your skin, always consider your skin type and unique skin needs. In terms of a routine, it’s still best to stick to the basics.

Start with the right cleanser—something that will not dry out or irritate your skin. Next, go for a toner or a cleansing lotion to help prepare the skin for better absorption of moisturizers and serums. Then, of course, moisturizer. Not only does this hydrate the skin, it also helps create a “barrier” or protection over the face.

It would also help to have an eye cream to keep the periorbital area tight and make it less dark. [Editor’s note: The periorbital area is the skin around your eyes.] Lastly, sunscreen. I feel this is the most important step because sunscreen serves as your protection against the harmful effects of UV rays.
Then, there are the facials. Facials have become a habit for most of us. Not only are they very relaxing, they also aid in blood circulation, improve lymphatic drainage, and provide deep cleansing through exfoliation and extraction. Hence, facials give the skin glow and noticeable rejuvenation.”


Dr. Deanna is associated with Oracle Korean Aesthetic Clinic, the largest networked clinic in South Korea. Lucky for you, Oracle has a branch in Makati and offers the signature Korean Facial! This exclusive 5-step treatment involves the same specialized techniques and formulas that originated from South Korea.

Oracle’s Korean Facial is similar to a Korean skincare regimen in that it has multiple steps but one goal: to give you healthier-looking skin. After your skin is cleansed, the Korean Facial treats you to the following procedures:

  • Collagen-stimulating ultrasound
  • Brightening Vitamin C infusion
  • Thorough blackhead and whitehead extraction
  • LED light therapy to treat texture and pigmentation
  • Soothing face mask

After just one session, the facial instantly delivers noticeable firming, smoothening, and brightening of the skin. It takes 1.5 hours, but you only have to get it done once a month!

The Korean Facial is available at Oracle Korean Aesthetic Clinic. Exclusive BeautyMNL Price: 25% OFF at P2,625. Buy this treatment here.

Specialty: Dermatology
Length of practice: 7 years

  • De La Salle University (Pre-Med)
  • The Far Eastern University – Nicanor Reyes Medical Foundation (Med)
  • Graduated from residency training in Dermatology in December 2010
  • Currently a fellow at Philippine Dermatological Society

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