Micellar water isn’t exactly breaking news, but that doesn’t make it any less popular. In fact, the number of micelle-infused formulas on the market are a testament to how much people love no-rinse cleansers. At the BeautyMNL office, we have bottles upon bottles of it on our desks, ready to wipe away arm swatches or remove our makeup pre-spin class.

Having said that, the team’s extensive trial and error process has uncovered the Achilles’ heel of most micellar waters: mascara. The stuff is just too strong for the average formula. So when we heard of a micellar water that could quite possibly stand up to it, we were curious. The bottle in question was Garnier’s Micellar Water Blue.
Like all micellar waters, Garnier’s contains teeny, tiny molecules that draw out makeup, sebum, and dirt (these are the micelles we mentioned earlier). It also happens to be the No. 1 micellar water in France. But could it remove mascara? We put it to the test!


STEP 1: Soak a cotton pad with a generous amount of micellar water.
STEP 2: Close your eyes. Hold the cotton pad over one eye. Count to 10.
STEP 3: Use small, circular motions to rub away your makeup.
STEP 4: Repeat STEPS 1 to 3 on the other eye.
STEP 5: Soak a fresh pad with micellar water. Wipe it all over your face to remove your base makeup.


POWER: It worked! Not only was Garnier’s Micellar Water Blue able to remove BB cream and brow powder, it also wiped off two coats of mascara. The process involved little to no effort and there was no need to tug on the skin for a thorough cleanse. Expect skin that feels soft and clean, with zero tightness! Now, we’re not sure if it can remove waterproof eyeliner—c’mon, that stuff is tough—but it is perfect for your daily face.
FEEL: If you’re not entirely sold on the whole no-rinse thing, this micellar water might convince you—or at least make you consider it when you’re tight on time. It leaves no filmy layer over the skin, just a cooling, refreshing sensation, almost like you washed your face.

VARIANTS: Garnier’s Micellar Waters are available in the Blue variant, which has mattifying properties for oily/combination skin, and the Pink variant, which has soothing properties for dry/sensitive skin. Which one will you be trying?
The Garnier Micellar Water Blue is available in two sizes: 400ml (P249) and 125ml (P149). You may also try the Micellar Water Pink, which is also available in two sizes: 400ml (P249) and 125ml (P149). Shop them right here!

Credits: Photos and GIFs by Kat Echon. Don’t forget to follow BeautyMNL on Facebook and Instagram!

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