When it comes to unwanted pigmentation, quick and effective solutions are rare. Often, it takes months to see any sort of improvement. Or for the unluckiest of us, nothing at all.

So when a product claims to fade spots in as little as two weeks, we’re always a little skeptical. But apparently, the Prettify Skin Lightening Gel, does just that.
This local blend is designed to lighten dark spots and pigmented skin—which means you can use it on other parts of the body, like your elbows and knees. It’s made with 10 potent ingredients, including Vitamin C and alpha arbutin—two proven skin-brighteners. All you have to do is dab it on and let it do its work. Simple enough, right?
But, you don’t have to take our word for it. One of our writers, Claire, put it to the test on her dark spots. As for underarms, we got a friend (anonymous, for obvious reasons) to try it out for us, too! They both applied the gel every night for 10 days straight. The salient points of each experiment are chronicled below!


CLAIRE: “The scars you see on my chin are the aftermath of my most recent breakout. They’re just a couple days old! Sadly they’re pretty noticeable, appearing dark and a bit grayish in tone. So I’m really hoping this gel will help lighten them over time.”


CLAIRE: “For the past three nights, I’ve been placing an extra dab of this gel on my scars. One thing I like is that the consistency is not runny enough to drip down my chin; it stays right where I placed it. As for the lightening effect, I noticed that the dull, gray tone isn’t as visible as before. So far, so good!”


CLAIRE: “As of today, it seems that the scars are looking less dark and have lightened to a pinky color. The scars are still a bit noticeable, but the transition into a flesh tone does make them easier to conceal! The bump also seems to have gone down, as if it’s slowly healing.”


CLAIRE: “Here’s what my chin looks like on the last day! And wow, do I notice a huge difference. While the scars are still there, there’s no doubt that they lightened considerably compared to Day 1. Really not bad for just 10 days!”


ANONYMOUS: “I’ve never had picture-perfect underarms, but most of the pigmentation you see here are due to years of shaving. I’m really hoping for the best with this gel, otherwise I’ll have to resort to an expensive laser whitening treatment instead. Fingers crossed!”


ANONYMOUS: “I’ve been applying the gel every night before bed and even every morning, underneath my deodorant. Luckily, it absorbs in just a few minutes and it’s totally lightweight. It doesn’t feel like I put an extra layer of product on my underarms. So far, it has lightened mostly the center area of my underarms. Hopefully, it’ll do the same for the outer areas in time!”


ANONYMOUS: “I can really see the pigmentation has faded overall. While my underarms are still not as light as I would like them to be, the color is slowly fading closer to my normal skin tone!”


ANONYMOUS: “I definitely see a massive difference between today and Day 1. Although the pigmentation is not completely gone, the lightening effect is obvious and it has eliminated most of the grey undertones. I’m definitely going to keep using this product!”


CLAIRE: “Just look at the comparison between Day 1 and Day 10! From a shadowy scar to a barely visible spot, it’s hard not to be sold on this gel. It was also pretty cool watching it transform from day-to-day. And all this in a span of ten days? I’m going to go ahead and call dibs on this new holy grail.”
ANONYMOUS: “This gel transformed my dark, grey-ish underarms to lighter and more even-toned skin. The difference may not be super obvious from day-to-day, but it doesn’t take much time to see results. Even I was surprised by the before and after photos! Plus, the formula sits really well even under deodorant. If this gel can do this just 10 days, then I can’t wait to see how much lighter my underarms get with longer use! Safe to say, it’s now a part of my bathroom routine.”

The Prettify Skin Lightening Gel is available on BeautyMNL for P395.00. Shop it right here!

Credits: Photos by Kat Echon

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