The phrase “It’s easier said than done” rings ten times truer once you become a mother. With your child’s wellbeing as your primary focus, it’s so easy to slip into the trap of self-neglect for the sake of your baby. I applaud mothers who have somehow managed to keep their beauty act together while caring for their little ones—because it takes a whole lot of effort to prettify when you have ten million things happening at once!
So for frazzled moms like me who are left with small, five-minute windows to get ready, here are my highly recommended beauty essentials. They served me well through my pregnancy and even until now, six months after my baby was born!

THE BASE: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF15
I use the Natural shade. This foundation has a nice silky finish and delivers a light veil of coverage. It clears up your complexion without making it look cakey or overly done, so I find it perfect for everyday use. Tip: I usually apply my foundation after I’ve smoothed a drop of argan oil all over my face. I find this makes for better absorption.

THE BLUSH: Maybelline Pure Mineral Blush
My favorite shade is 01 Pink. This Maybelline classic comes in a cute little pot that fits right into your kikay kit. Light and airy in feel, it blends effortlessly into the skin and produces a sweet, sweet glow. Remember, a touch of blush can do wonders for your face—especially when you feel drained and tired after a sleepless night!

THE SHADOW: Wet n’ Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio
Moms will love this eyeshadow set, which has all the instructions listed on the actual palette! Because it’s so self-explanatory, I definitely think it’s made for non-makeup experts! I love that this palette has the exact three shades I need for the natural-looking eye makeup (with just a teensy bit of mystery). I have it in Walking on Eggshells.

THE LIPSTICK: Guerlain Kiss Kiss Shaping Cream Lip Colour
Kiss Blossom is my color of choice because it’s cheerful and so feminine! It’s creamy texture skates so smoothly over my lips. Just a couple swipes go a long way, since the formula is quite long-lasting. That means less retouching for Mommy and more time to attend to your crying baby!

Top photo courtesy of Patty Laurel-Filart