When it rains in the PH, it pours (and pours). That’s why you need all the water-resistant, smudge-proof makeup you can get your hands on. Here, we’ve handpicked 20 rain-friendly products that just happen to be on sale. See more in our Waterproof Sale Tab—and stay dry, beautiful!
1. Wunder2 Coverproof Foundation, 25% OFF at P1,350. Shop it here.
2. S.F.R. Color Non-Greasy Super Silk Color, 20% OFF at P135. Shop it here.
3. PRO Studio Makeup Setting Spray, 16% OFF at P169. Shop it here.
4. Ushas HD Hydrating Face Primer, 21% OFF at P269. Shop it here.
5. S.F.R. Color All Day HD Smoothing Face Primer, 21% OFF at P275. Shop it here.
6. Wunder2 Wunderbrow, 25% OFF at P1,200. Shop it here.
7. OFRA Eye Brow Gel, 25% OFF at P713. Shop it here.
8. Clio Kill Brow Tinted Tattoo, 11% OFF at P799. Shop it here.
9. April Skin Magic Brow Tattoo Gel, 6% OFF at P548. Shop it here.
10. Ushas 24 Hour Eyebrow Gel With Brush/Comb, 17% OFF at P349. Shop it here.
11. Pixi by Petra Black Lacquer Lash Primer, 25% OFF at P593. Shop it here.
12. Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara, 25% OFF at P743. Shop it here.
13. Pop Beauty Lashy Flashy Mascara, 25% OFF at P593. Shop it here.
14. Wunder2 Wunderextensions Lash Stain, 25% OFF at P1,200. Shop it here.
15. IMAGIC Matte and Smudge-Proof Liquid Lipgloss, 43% OFF at P199, Shop it here.
16. Clio Waterproof Brush Liner XP, 10% OFF at P742. Shop it here.
17. PRO Studio It’s My 24-Hour Eyeliner, 23% OFF at P229. Shop it here.
18. Pixi by Petra Cat Eye Ink, 25% OFF at P593. Shop it here.
19. IMAGIC Matte 24-Hour Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, 26% OFF at P185. Shop it here.
20. Glambox Starter Airbrush Kit, 18% OFF at P6,999. Shop it here.

SPECIAL OFFER: Get (1) FREE Skin Genie Lip & Cheek Stain Alive! Tint when you purchase any product included in our Waterproof Sale from August 14-16. Freebie color depends on availability. While supplies last. Visit our Waterproof Sale Tab right here!

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