I have two no-fail great skin secrets. The first is to always, always find good lighting. Take a photo facing diffused sunlight or any diffused light and it will instantly wipe out any flaws you might have.

The second is highlighter.
Highlighter is an oft-skipped, very underrated makeup step that not a lot of people I know—apart from beauty girls—ever really seem to do. Which is sad, because it is so easy.

What does highlighter do for your skin? It makes it look fresh, dewy, and glowing. That luminous skin thing they’re forever trying to make us buy into in skincare ads? This stuff does the trick in seconds.

Highlighter gives your face dimension, and it’s a far more no-fail way to contour than using contouring powder or bronzer. With bronzer, you can go way overboard, or use the wrong shade as you experiment. Highlighters are subtler, but they achieve similar effects: instant contouring.
Where do you apply it? To the high planes of the face. First, under your brows (along your brow bones), sweeping in a C-shape until the tops of your cheekbones, to make them stand out like crazy. Then, in the inner corners of your eyes to make them light up. And finally, just the tiniest bit along the bridge of your nose to make it look sharper. Blend very, very well!
Highlighters come in powder or cream. In these photos, I’ve used the creamy highlighting half of Mizon’s I’m Painting Cheek & Light Duo. This palette came with a brush, but being the lazy beauty girl that I am, I just applied and blended out with my fingers. The only difference in my makeup in both sets is that I’m wearing highlighter in the “after” shots!