I was 23 the first time I used foundation on myself. Prior to that, I was young enough (or just oblivious enough) to get by with just concealer on any blemishes. But when I hit 23, I decided to step up my makeup game and invest in foundation and concealer. (FYI, my life was forever changed. Bye-bye, dark circles!)

By then, I knew enough about makeup to know that I didn’t want to hit or miss at the drugstore; I wanted makeup in exactly my shade, and I needed help to get it. I went straight to MAC and bought Studio Sculpt Foundation and Studio Finish Concealer (for my dark circles!) in NC35, and a stippling brush to put the foundation on.

The stippling brush was quite good for applying foundation in an even, non-streaky manner, but sometimes I felt it piled it on a little too thickly. I was terrible with sponges, and regular foundation brushes tended not to blend as perfectly as I wanted. That was early on, though. I’ve since managed to refine my foundation application technique, but it’s still not nearly as refined as the results you get when you use airbrush foundation.
Temptu's AIRpod Foundation in Warm Ivory Airbrush foundation was something I saw frequently at shoots, being used by the pros. I couldn’t see the pigment going on when the artists were applying it—from six to eight inches away, in gentle circular motions. But I soon realized that the airbrush was, in fact, leaving a perfectly blended veil of color, sheer layer after sheer layer, until it hit a level of coverage that both makeup artist and sittings editor were satisfied with. (Some magazines prefer for the skin to look as bare as possible, others prefer that it look porcelain-flawless.) It was amazing to see, because with the airbrush, you could apply a barely-there layer of base that would even out your tone but still let your skin show through, or if you had blemishes to cover up, you could put on a thicker layer that would mask them just as well as concealer, except more flawlessly applied.
Temptu AIRpod System, AIRpod Blushes, and AIRpod Foundation It was something strictly for professionals…until now. The Temptu AIRpod Makeup System is a compact airbrush set (no, seriously, it comes in its own small carrying case) that uses pigment-filled pods (their AIRpod Technology) and a steady stream of adjustable air pressure to apply flawless, ultra-light makeup on your face.
I thought it would be complicated to use, but it was just a matter of plugging in everything that needed to be plugged—the power source and the airbrush tube, basically—and then uncapping an AIRpod and popping it in. Setting it up took a few minutes, and I was good to go.
Temptu's AIRpod Blush in Peony Pink The first thing you need to do after setting up the system is to shake and then open the AIRpod of your choice—whether it’s foundation or blush, which come in a surprisingly wide variety of shades, or even highlighter—and then remove the little black stopper. After you do that, hold on to the little handle in the center and pump a few times to prep the pigment, then pop that into the AIRbrush handle.
AIRbrush applicator with AIRpod attached Then, press the power button and adjust the air pressure to your liking before you get started. It’s recommended to hold the AIRbrush applicator at a downward angle when you apply, and at some distance away from your face for a more diffused finish. Press gently (and continue pressing!) to release the pigment, and apply it in circles. You’ll feel the air (which is really nice!), and maybe a little product, but you won’t think anything’s actually going on your face because it feels so light—guess what, it is. Less is always more, so go with as little as you can manage, and build coverage until it looks the way you like it.

Application is so easy and effortless with the AIRbrush system that it literally took me a minute to do my whole face—and I’ve been having a bad skin spell, so I had some spots to cover up. One minute! To do perfect, streak-free foundation!

I think I’m definitely going to need this in my life this year.

Photos by Regina Belmonte