I’ve been hearing a lot about activated charcoal (also know as AC) recently. It’s everywhere—in pore-clearing masks, body scrubs, and even whitening toothpaste. Intrigued, I decided to try the trendy ingredient for myself.
But let’s make one thing clear: AC is not the same charcoal that cooks your burgers. It’s made with a totally different process. Activated charcoal is created in two steps. First, materials like wood, debris, and coconut shells are “superheated.” Then, the resulting charcoal is exposed to hot air, which creates small holes in its makeup. This is what helps AC absorb harmful toxins, and ultimately, what makes it so beloved in the skincare world.

Because we’re exposed to air pollution and dust every single day, bacteria ultimately builds up on our faces. You don’t want any that bad stuff on your face, because it can easily lead to pimples! This is where AC can help. This super-ingredient acts like a vacuum by absorbing oil, dirt, and dead skin buildup, leaving your face smooth and clear.

Sound good? Below, find my easy DIY recipe for an activated charcoal mask. Works every time!



STEP 1: Place activated charcoal into a bowl and slowly pour in water until a thick paste forms
STEP 2: Apply coconut oil or honey (your choice!) all over your face in an even layer.

STEP 3: Add the AC mixture on top. Wait 20 to 30 minutes.
STEP 4: Rinse off with warm water.

Ta-da! I promise, you’ll look and feel even more beautiful as soon as the mask is off. It’s that good!
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Photos by Joanne Villablanca

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