Getting rogue zits is frustrating for any grown woman, especially if you’re the kind of girl who actually takes the effort to prevent them. So you’re cleansing meticulously, getting enough sleep, watching your diet, and still pimply? Then what, oh, what could it be?
Our theory: you might not be washing your makeup brushes enough. According to expert dermatologists—and this shocked us—brushes should ideally be washed after every use.
Apparently, it’s just like brushing your teeth. Every time you eat, you need to clear food debris from your teeth, gums, and tongue to prevent tooth decay, stains, and bad breath. And every time you apply cosmetics, it isn’t just makeup residue that clings to the bristles of your brushes—it’s also dead skin cells and dried-up oil. Imagine rubbing that gunk all over your skin each time you wield an unwashed brush. See where we’re going with this?

Now, if you think washing your brushes every time you use them is a hassle, we totally agree. So we spoke to celeb makeup artist Anjie Gogna and BeautyMNL’s very own Danielle Calma to sniff around for a shortcut. While makeup artists do insist on washing their brushes after every client for hygienic purposes, these two ladies gave us an easy way out.
“Washing once every two weeks is reasonable if we’re talking about brushes for personal use,” Anjie says. “You don’t want your brush quality to deteriorate. And I’m assuming the brushes are used for specific products anyway—one just for foundation, one just for blush, and so on and so forth.”

Danielle, on the other hand, says it depends on the makeup. “If you use cream makeup formulas, I feel you really do have to wash your brushes more often, since creams and liquids tend to cake heavily on the bristles. But if you use powder makeup, I’d say you can stretch it to once a week before washing.”

And there you have it, straight from the MUAs’ mouths! In the meantime, stock up on a good quality brush cleaner or some baby shampoo, which works just as well. See if that doesn’t make a difference in your spotty complexion!

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Makeup brushes: black set by Suesh, blue set by Dashe Cosmetics.