Today, I’m showing you how I tested out different makeup removers by Korean brand Holika Holika! Exclusively available on BeautyMNL, these 5 makeup removers belong to Holika’s All Kill Cleansing line. Sounds potent, right? Watch what happens below.

PRODUCT #1: All Kill Cleansing Oil Water, P655
I’m a big fan of cleansing oils and micellar waters because they instantly melt away all of my makeup. This is a bi-phase product, so make sure you shake it well to fully mix the oil and water solution. Using this, it only took TWO cotton pads to fully remove all my eye makeup (eyeliner and waterproof mascara included!)
PRODUCT #2: All Kill Cleansing Clay to Foam, P330
I’m going to be honest: this cleanser weirded me out in the beginning! Clay to foam? Huh? The product comes in a tube, which reminded me of oil paint. The instructions say that it can be used on a bare face or even a full face of makeup. Suffice it to say, this is the first time I’ve ever encountered a product like this.
Prior to use, I removed my eye makeup since I didn’t think it would be wise to apply a clay mask over the eyes. Then, I applied the product like a regular clay mask and left it on for 3 minutes in accordance with the instructions. Within 3 minutes, the mask completely dried up, which signaled me to start washing it off.
As soon as the clay comes into contact with water, it foams up. Essentially, this means it doubles as a foam cleanser! Post-rinse, my face felt SQUEAKY CLEAN, and true enough, every single trace of makeup was removed.

PRODUCTS #3 AND #4: All Kill Cleansing Oil to Foam Fresh, P460, and All Kill Cleansing Oil to Foam Moisture, P725
I’m an even BIGGER fan of 2-in-1 products—the ones that allow you to go straight to the sink and remove makeup right away without having to double-cleanse. These oil-to-foam formulas are exactly that. They come in two variants: Fresh (for oily skin) and Moisture (for dry skin). Lucky for me, I’m combination, so I can use both!
Prior to using the Oil to Foam, I removed my eye makeup. Then, I tested it on a face full of foundation, powder, and other heavy-duty products. I directly applied the product to my face without wetting or washing it. The consistency of this cleanser is halfway between a fluid and a gel, almost like an essence, It feels super gentle, smells really great, and removed my thick makeup like it was no big deal. Wow!

PRODUCT #5: All Kill Cleansing Oil Balm, P635
Last but not the least, the Oil Balm. I love using balms because their makeup-melting power is unbeatable. This particular one comes in a jam-packed jar with a handy spatula, so you can scoop out the product hygienically. A little goes a long way!
Tip: I wouldn’t recommend using this for your eye makeup as it may sting your eyes (having said that, it does remove stubborn waterproof formulas). To stay on the safe side, just use it for your face makeup! It really breaks down your cosmetics, leaving you super clean and pure. You can wipe this all away with a damp washcloth or rinse with water. I did the latter, since I like it when balms emulsify when they come into contact with water. This allows them to wash away smoothly and without any residue.
You heard it here first: all these makeup removers are AWESOME. Which of them would you like to try?

These Holika Holika cleansers are exclusively available on BeautyMNL. Shop the Oil Water here, the Clay to Foam here, the Oil to Foam Fresh here, the Oil to Foam Moisture here, and the Oil Balm here.

Video and photos courtesy of Say Artillero