Photo: My Beauty Diary Think sheet masks are just a silly fad used by the quirky heroines in Asianovelas? Stop right there! Those funny-looking sheets that mold to your eyes, nose, or entire face are the new superstars of the beauty scene (even Refinery29 thinks so).

Composed of thin cotton, hydrogel, or biocellulose (a fruit or vegetable fiber), sheet masks are the ultimate at-home luxury. Each sheet is designed like a second skin and packed with nutrients that penetrate deep into your pores, addressing everything from dryness to grease to wrinkles! Tip: We like to pop one into the fridge before we take a shower so it’s nice and cool when we apply it before bed.

From basic to eccentric, here are some of the coolest masks to test-drive this year.


These sheet masks feature cutouts for your eyes, nose, and mouth. Most also have thoughtful slits on the sides of each mask, so they adjust to fit your face. Each mask is drenched in product—you can even squeeze out the excess left in the packet to pat over your décolletage.

WE LIKE: My Beauty Diary’s microfiber masks: Soothing Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Moisturizing Acid, and Firming and Hydrating Natto, P693 for a box of 10 sheets. Or Leaders InSolution’s coconut biocellulose masks: Blueberry, Broccoli, Orange, and Tomato, P148 per sheet.


These mini masks are shaped like anything from half-moons to apple slices to fit comfortably underneath the eye. Enriched with miracle ingredients, from collagen to snail mucine, these babies address dryness, puffiness, darkening, and the early appearance of lines.

WE LIKE: Skinlite’s Collagen Eye Zone Mask, P100 for pack of 30; Leaders InSolution’s Hydrogel Eye Therapy Patch, P498 for 5 pairs


Shaped like an oversized lip print, this gel mask acts like a moisturizer and gentle lip scrub in one. Just place it over your mouth—it’s large enough to cover part of your chin and the area above your Cupid’s bow, too—and let the hydrating benefits seep in.

WE LIKE: The Face Shop’s Cherry Cherry Modeling Gel Patch, P195


We’re sure you’re familiar with these! Also known as nose strips or pore strips, these adhering sheets fit around your nose and lift away anything that is clogging your pores.

WE LIKE: Skinlite’s Nose Pore Strips with Aloe, P70


Technically too small to be an actual “mask,” these patches target specific problem areas on your face with a potent infusion of beauty extracts. If just a small portion of your face needs to be unclogged, brightened, or spot-corrected, say hello to your best bet.

WE LIKE: Leaders InSolution’s AC-Dressing Spot Patch, P448 for box of 50


Yes, there are sheet masks for your steppers, too! Worn like a sock, this sole-softening treat is similar to a foot spa, except you can do it yourself. Foot masks help exfoliate callouses and dry, cracked skin, leaving you softer and smoother from heel to toe.

WE LIKE: Skinlite’s Exfoliating Foot Mask with Papaya & Chamomile, P190; Leaders InSolution’s Dr. Therapy Foot Mask, P178


Three-dimensional masks are sheets that cover the entire face, part of the neck, and sometimes, even the ears—thus creating the appearance of depth. This one by The Face Shop is packed with hyaluronic acid and colorum for an ultra-hydrating effect and even comes with an ampoule (a vial of beauty serum). No ear coverage here, though—sorry!

WE LIKE: The Face Shop’s 3D Ampoule Sheet, P133

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