We love the feeling a new year brings, like anything is possible. It’s why we’re extra-ambitious as soon as January arrives, and we list all our hopes and dreams for the upcoming year in the form of resolutions. Here is everything we’ve vowed to do—and trust us when we say they are totally doable:

1. Throw out old beauty products that have gone bad.
The green eyeshadow you’ve had since the fourth grade might hold sentimental value, but expired beauty products should go nowhere near your face. This will tell you which ones need to go into the bin—like, right this second.

2. Clean your makeup brushes.
Did you know that your brushes need to be cleansed with soap and water at least once a week? Well, now you do. Don’t allow bacteria fester on your good brushes—after all, no one wants that touching their face.

3. Remove your FOTD before bed.
No matter what time it is or how much you’ve had drink, never ever sleep with your makeup on. It can lead to breakouts and enlarged pores—the lived-in look isn’t as pretty you think, is it?

4. Start using anti-aging products.
We’ve told you once, but we’ll tell you again: apply moisturizer, pack on the SPF—and by all means, use an eye cream! Your skin will thank you later.

5. Ditch bad habits.
Do you bite your nails, crack your knuckles, or smoke cigarettes? Make it your mission to kick your vices to the curb—the long-term effects always outweigh brief moments of instant gratification anyway.

6. Learn something new.
If you’ve always wanted to create the purr-fect feline flick or contour your face but were too afraid to try it, now is your chance. We know you can do it, beautiful!

7. But more importantly, learn to relax.
Don’t take yourself so seriously. Life’s more fun when you’re having fun!

8. Eat your fruits and veggies.
Beauty begins from within: not only will you look good, but you’ll feel good, too!

9. Floss daily.
Because there’s nothing attractive about dragon breath. Flossing prevents bacteria build-up and keeps bad breath at bay. Is that reason enough to start?

10. Smile often, and laugh a lot.
If there’s anything that can make you feel good in an instant, it’s smiling and laughing a lot. And as our girl Audrey Hepburn once said, “… Happy girls are the prettiest girls.”