Do we even need an intro for this? Okay, here’s one word: ColourPop. If you’re the type of girl who can navigate the blogosphere with your eyes shut, you probably know every tube this Cali-based beauty brand has ever produced. In just two short years, the lipstick powerhouse amassed more followers than the Pied Piper himself! But it’s ColourPop’s Internet-breaking lipsticks and ridiculously affordable prices that turned it into an instant classic.

It would be a shame to deprive our kikay kits of this blessing, wouldn’t it? Here’s the deal: there are, as we speak, 99 shades of ColourPop lipstick available on BeautyMNL for you. We’ve got Lippie Stix. We’ve got Ultra Mattes. We’ve got Ultra Satins. We’ve even got Ultra Metallics. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, beauty girls! Time to carpe this diem.

Now, if unlimited options induce panic in your body, let us fix you right up. Below are the 10 most popular ColourPop lipsticks ever, which is a good gauge of where to start. Hope you get your hands on ‘em before supplies run out!

1. Lippie Stix in Brink, P500

A photo posted by carmen (@carmenfang) on

THE COLOR: A season-appropriate pumpkin-spice orange.

2. Lippie Stix in Lumière, P500

THE COLOR: A ballet-slipper pink.

3. Ultra Matte in Bumble, P500

THE COLOR: A dusty brick red.

4. Ultra Matte in Avenue, P500

A photo posted by @melllmartin on

THE COLOR: A bad-girl burgundy.

5. Ultra Matte in Tulle, P500

THE COLOR: A rosy petal pink.

6. Ultra Satin in Frick & Frack, P500

A photo posted by Zelle la Vie! (@zellelavie) on

THE COLOR: A boysenberry red.

7. Ultra Satin in Dopey, P500

THE COLOR: A romantic blush pink.

8. Ultra Satin in Echo Park, P500

THE COLOR: A tawny beige with zest.

9. Ultra Matte in Beeper, P500

THE COLOR: A sandy buff with a purple base.

10. Ultra Matte in Trap, P500

THE COLOR: None other than “greige.”

The ColourPop Lippie Stix, Ultra Matte, and Ultra Satin are all available for P500 on BeautyMNL. Shop them right here!

Photos via Instagram: @carmenfang, @colourpopcosmetics (1, 2), @caydinsablan, @melllmartin, @eugeanshin, @zellelavie, @cosmetics4_you, @creativelilly, @xnanettex