What’s one way of knowing your mouth freshener is truly working? Is it the intensity of its minty-fresh flavor? Or its ability to mask lingering tastes on the tongue? The answer will vary according to who you ask. Our answer, though, is as clear-cut as a kiss on the lips.

Of course, the only way to know for certain is none other than a real-life kissing test. Our team found a willing couple to put two mouth fresheners—the Dentiste’ Breath Spray and Love Mint—up to the challenge. Through an intensive testing process, they learned which products are worth a place in their kits. Want to know the one they chose for a long night of food, wine, and intimate conversation? Click on the video for their verdict!


1. Dentiste’ Breath Spray, P198
WHAT IT IS: This mouth mist comes in a classic mint flavor with just the right amount of punch to knock out funky odors. It fits perfectly in a purse or the front pocket of your jeans for an instant refresh anytime, anywhere.

THEIR VERDICT: “It almost feels like the Love Mint. It feels like normal mint.”

2. Dentiste’ Love Mint in (20s), P195, and (50s), P350
WHAT IT IS: You might not think a mint as tiny as this was powerful—until, that is, you try it. Once it melts in the mouth, try and inhale: it’s though you mouth was caught in an arctic windstorm. Tiny yet might, indeed!

THEIR VERDICT: “This is really, really cold. This is 5 times stronger than the spray.”

Now, are you ready to pucker up?

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Credits: Video and photos by Aion Bato

Music: Forward by Declan DP Music (YouTube Audio Library)

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