Are you ever too lazy to lace up your sneakers and run a mile outside or on the treadmill? Yes, I can relate. But this doesn’t mean I skip out on cardio altogether. Instead, I use a jump rope.

Not only is skipping rope one way to actually enjoy your cardio workout, it’s also one of the best ones you can do. According to one study, in fact, 10 minutes of using a jump rope can burn more calories than a 30-minute jog outside. Plus, it can do way more than get your heart rate up. Over time, skipping rope can improve your coordination, agility, speed, strength, and balance.
It’s safe to say jumping rope isn’t just for kids at the playground. Even better, you only need a jump rope (I like this one by Manly!) and a flat, firm surface to reap the benefits. If you’re curious to give it a try, you can follow my go-to jump rope exercise. I do this when I’m short on time but still want to squeeze in an effective fat-burning workout.


Perform this for 20 seconds with a 10-second rest period in between. Repeat 20 times.
Skip as many times as you can in the allotted time. And always, always try to push yourself harder. When you get more and more used to the exercise, you can get creative and try other skipping techniques like alternate high knees, single-leg jumps, side-to-side hops, sprints, etc. Just take it a skip at a time!
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