Battling breakouts, blackheads, and acne in general is no walk in the park and nobody knows this better than our own customers. So, why not turn to them for some tried-and-tested beauty recos? Below, we round up 9 trusted anti-acne formulas our regulars just can’t stop raving about. If it worked for them, chances are they’ll work for you, too.

1. Some by Mi Miracle Serum, now on sale at P890 (limited time only) CUSTOMERS SAY: “I’ve tried a lot of serums before, but this is the only one that really did the job … after 30 days I’ve seen some big improvements on my skin.” – Jeb, 25

Hailing from the brand’s buzzy Miracle line, this anti-acne serum is worth all the hype and more. It contains over 14.5% Centella Asiatica extract and 10,000ppm of tea tree water—two potent ingredients known to drastically reduce breakouts and relieve pimples. On top of that, it’s enhanced with three types of acids (AHA, BHA, and PHA) that exfoliate, smoothen, and dissolve impurities. What more could you need?

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2. Bioaqua Pure Skin Anti-Acne Cleanser, now on sale at P249 (limited time only) CUSTOMERS SAY: “My pimples slowly started clearing up, even though I wasn’t using any other acne treatments at the time … I haven’t switched cleansers since.” – Kim, 25

It’s an unfortunate fact that acne-prone skin types also tend to be on the oily side. To streamline your skincare, opt for a product that targets both. This gentle cleanser is a good place to start. It whisks away greasiness, dirt, and unclogs congested pores to keep skin clear of acne-causing bacteria. Made with oil-controlling and moisturizing properties, it also does the twofold job of preventing shine and maintaining your moisture balance. Your skin will never be too dry or too oily. Win-win!

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3. Beauty Bakery Anti-Acne Mild Astringent, P189 CUSTOMERS SAY: “For one, it dries my pimples fast. It made my face less oily than before. And my face feels so clean and refreshed after each use.” – Maria, 27

When your skin is susceptible to breakouts, every little bit of prevention helps. One way to keep your complexion extra clean? Follow up your double-cleanse with an antibacterial toner. This local formula removes any remaining debris, detoxifies pores to prevent clogging, and can even disinfect minor wounds on the body without causing irritation.

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4. Skin Genie ACV Creamy Mask with Bentonite, P300 CUSTOMERS SAY: “My skin feels smooth and looks bright after rinsing. I usually have breakouts when I’m nearing my period but I didn’t have any when I started using this. My pores seem to look smaller too.” – Aileen, 34

Since your skin repairs itself as you sleep, your nighttime products often make the biggest difference. Give your evening routine a boost with this creamy overnight mask. Made with super-ingredients like antiseptic apple cider vinegar, oil-absorbent kaolin clay, and soothing witch hazel extract, it relieves inflammation to quickly calm breakouts and speed up healing. You’ll be waking up to clearer, more glowing skin on the daily!

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5. Angel Skin Anti-Acne Clarifying Bar, P140 CUSTOMERS SAY: “I’ve been using this all over my body and while it doesn’t stop me from having back pimples, it does dry them out faster which I’m grateful for because it doesn’t pain me as much as it does before.” – Jhenny, 23

Body acne can be just as inconvenient as facial breakouts and if you’re battling both, this clarifying soap bar is your match made in heaven. It’s gentle enough to use from head to toe and delivers the same pimple-clearing benefits, whether you’re using it on your face or body. Infused with tea tree extract and salicylic acid, it actively treats zits and kills any existing bacteria that may cause further irritation. Perfect for traveling, too!

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6. Some by Mi Miracle Toner, now on sale at P800 (limited time only) CUSTOMERS SAY: “My pimple marks [are] fading, I haven’t seen one zit on my face after using this religiously. It’s a MIRACLE!” – Jayemaica, 24

After hearing serious hype about this solution all over the Internet, we tested it ourselves and, boy, did it deliver! This miracle-working toner gives visible results in just 30 days. It’s powered by a trifecta of exfoliating acids, namely AHA, BHA, and PHA. Combined, they polish and purify in a single sweep to gradually rid your skin of texture, hyper-pigmentation, blackheads, and (most importantly) pimples. Who knew achieving clear skin could be that easy?

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7. Skin Genie Blindspot Healing Stick, P80 CUSTOMERS SAY: “I would say that it really does it’s job of reducing the pimples, lightening the scars, and most importantly, preventing pimples from coming out. I highly recommend this product!” – F, 28

Pimples and scarring go hand in hand, but you’ll never have to worry about either with this multipurpose healing stick. It’s enhanced with a flurry of potent botanical ingredients: seaweed extract, rosehip oil, Vitamin E, shea butter, and papaya extract to name a few! Fused into one convenient salve, these ingredients work in synergy to treat even the angriest pimples and fade the oldest of scars—all for a mere hundred bucks. Can you believe?

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8. Esfolio Snail Moisture Soothing Gel 95%, now on sale at P244 (limited time only) CUSTOMERS SAY: “This absorbs really well and calms my breakouts. Also, this works wonders as a facial pack. For those who are not keen on using one-time use sheet masks, this is a great alternative.” – Czarina, 23

You probably already know snail mucin as a hero ingredient for acne, but if you still have yet to try it, this moisture-packed gel should convince you. It’s loaded with 95% snail secretion filtrate. When applied onto acne-prone skin, it encourages faster healing to help calm redness, reduce pimples, and banish dryness. In the end, all you get is plumper, clearer skin with a healthy glow. Worth the shot for only P349!

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9. Bioaqua Pure Skin Acne Removal & Brightening Solution, now on sale at P349 (limited time only) CUSTOMERS SAY: “I’ve used this only for a month, and it definitely heals acne scars along with healing existing cystic pimples. It dries them up as short as 1-3 days, depending on its size and other factors.” – Isabella, 21

Last but not least is this underrated serum. This watery formula targets a plethora of acne-related problems all at once! Between lightening dark spots, minimizing pores, drying out pimples, balancing oil production, and speeding up overall healing, it’s the all-in-one solution for oily and acne-prone skin. This comes as no surprise—boasting ingredients like ginseng extract and hyaluronic acid, this top-rated gem deserves a spot in everyone’s routine.

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