When we sacrifice precious sleep to party, work overtime, or binge-watch bad TV, our skin is sorry for it the next morning. Concealer is one nifty way to fake fresh, but sometimes, it isn’t enough to hide the fatigue written all over our faces. If you really want to convince society that you’ve got it together, you’ll need more than color-correction. These eight easy tricks will make you look alive and kicking (yes, even when you’re still hung over from NYE).
TRICK 1: Place two metal spoons in the freezer for a few minutes. Once they’ve cooled, press them over your eyelids for 30 seconds, curved side in, to shrink the size of your under-eye bags. Follow with a brightening eye cream to rehydrate the area.
TRICK 2: Pump up your lashes with an eyelash curler. Squeeze thrice: once at the lash line, next at mid-lash, and last at the tips. Curled lashes = wide-awake eyes. Magic.
TRICK 3: We encourage you to coat your freshly-curled lashes with a layer of lengthening mascara. This will keep the curl from drooping and enhance the eye-freshening effect.
TRICK 4: Apply beige eyeliner to your waterline. Not black, not brown—beige. The lighter tone will make your eyes look larger and more alert, as well as neutralize any redness in or around the area.
TRICK 5: A smidgen of highlighter in the center of your lids, at the inner corners of your eyes, and underneath the arches of your brows will open up those peepers in a second.
TRICK 6: If you want to camouflage dull skin, mix a little illuminator into your liquid foundation. Opt for one with warm undertones running through it for a faux glow. But if you’re lazy, just do yourself a favor and reach for the Dream Cream.
TRICK 7: Return the color to your complexion with a good cheek color! Use one that imitates a rosy, just-gymed flush to distract from your X-mark eyes. Here are some suggestions.
TRICK 8: If all else fails, a swipe of your favorite lipstick will make you feel like yourself again. It could be an MLBB shade; it could be a statement lip. Either way, lipstick brightens your face fast and makes you look way more put-together than you feel.

GIFs via giphy.com. Screencap of Michelle Phan via YouTube. Cover photo: Shutterstock.

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