Happy hump day, beauties! Time to learn a new skill—like how to handle the tricky names of our latest imports from Thailand. Get a load of these skincare brands from The Land of Smiles!

1. PasJel = pass-gel
The name is an amalgam of the English word “pastel” and the first initial of owner Jajaa Panitwarocha. PasJel offers face and body products in packaging so whimsical, we initially thought they were Korean!

2. Mores = mors
Resist the full-body urge to say moh-ress—the brand is pronounced mors (think “pores” with an “m”). We predict that Mores’ three hero products (see: 1, 2, 3) will turn it into a sleeper hit. Camille Co is already a fan!

3. Miharu = mee-ha-roo
Sounds Japanese, doesn’t it? But Miharu is from Thailand! We currently carry its most popular item, a hair mask made with volcanic mud.

4. VeryMWL = very-M-W-L
It’s as simple as spelling it out. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, VeryMWL makes anti-aging skincare that replicates the clock-rewinding effects of more serious treatments.

5. Mythe = mith
We thought the pronunciation was mayth, but Mythe is just fancy spelling for the ordinary word. Much more innovative is its star product: a nail polish remover with a saturated sponge inside the bottle, so you don’t need any cotton.

6. Harnn = harn
Rhymes with barn, yarn, and darn! Harnn is like the Crabtree & Evelyn of Thailand—pretty packaging, soothing fragrances, and spa-inspired benefits.

7. Malissa Kiss = mah-lee-sah kiss
Who is Malissa, you ask? Sorry, we still don’t know. What we do know is that its cult whitening cream is so popular, it’s constantly sold out on site.

8. Dearest = As is! No secrets here.
So Dearest isn’t exactly the most difficult brand to pronounce—but it is from Thailand, so we couldn’t exclude it! Try its acne-fighting beauty bar, which you can use on your face and body. #ByeByeBackne