When a hunger pang strikes, nothing satisfies our grumbling stomachs more instantly than a snack. The only issue? Many of our snack preferences are jam-packed with sugar, sodium, and other ingredients our mothers warn us about. Luckily, there are pre-packaged goodies that will indulge our cravings without the guilt. Just ask our customers! Here are 8 healthy noshes they love to eat—and why you will enjoy ‘em, too.

Spud Buds Sweet Potato Shoestrings, P60
Jean: “Was looking for a healthier alternative to greasy potato chips in the market. So when I saw this on the wellness section, got [myself] a pack of white cheese and glad that I did! It is really flavorful and crunchy, you won’t feel guilty of finishing the whole pack by yourself. The size is for single serving, it is not packed to the brim, just a few pieces but you will not regret getting this, price is just right. Will surely try all the variants.”

Pili & Pino Chocolate Cacao Nib Cookies (180g), P180
Yna: “I bought this in an attempt at healthy or guilt-free snacking. I was a little skeptical at first because its basically [sugar-free] and as a chef I was expecting that the cookies would be tough and dry but then I tried one cookie, and then another, and then another, until the jar was half empty. It’s that good! Will definitely buy more! This cookie is manna from the heavens! I love it!”

Peckish Cheddar Cheese Rice Crisps, P45
Karen: “Since I’m a cheese addict this is instantly a fave for me. I just came across this [a while] back and when I read “rice crisps” I knew I had to try it. Tasty, addicting, healthy and cheaper than usual! What more can you ask for?”

Oh So Healthy Yam Coconut Fruit Crisps, P95
Jenny: “I tried this variant and the mango one but like this [is] the best as it wasn’t as sweet as the mango one. I like that the packaging makes sure that you won’t get crumbled chips as it has enough air to protect them but not too much air that you feel “lugi” with the contents. The crisps are yummy and gives you that sweet fix that you crave.”

Fitnesse Granola Honey (300g), P199
AM: “It is a healthier and better substitute for my abrupt cravings. And since the package is enough for sharing, it is good enough to be shared amongst friends while doing our usual desk jobs from time to time. This is also my go-to breakfast if I am having those lazy moments wherein [I] just want to stay in bed all day and binge-watch my favorite TV series.”

Fitbar Chocolate (25g), P25
Kat: “I’ve loved FitBars for the longest time since they are so cheap and a great alternative to other protein bars. This is great for on the go breakfast or just a daily snack. ”

Cacao Nibs Coated With Coconut Sugar (100g), P150
Clarisse: “This has really become a staple in my snacking life. [Any time] I’m craving for chocolates, I reach for this and am satisfied after just a small handful. It’s got the bitterness I love from dark chocolate and just the right hint of sweetness to remind you that you’re still having a treat. A nutritious way to get your chocolate fix!”

The Archipelago Food & Beverage Co. Superfood Trail Mix, P95
Charisse: “One of my favorite snacks during office breaks. Fills you up and helps you get through the wait for lunchtime. It has the right mix of nutty and sweet goodness. Another plus is that you can stash it in your bag and [reach] for it when you feel those early hunger pangs.”

Photos via Instagram: @imohsohealthy, @nestlefitnesseth, @fitbar_ph (1, 2), @cacaocultureph, @naturalhealthph

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