At BeautyMNL, it’s no secret that we love Korean skincare. They’re always one step ahead when it comes to new product innovations and formulas that break away from usual beauty trends. But it’s about as good a time as any to get acquainted with our other East Asian neighbor—A.K.A. Japan.

Japan is chockfull of amazing makeup, fan-favorite skincare staples, and a few products that have no equivalent anywhere else in the world. To prove it, we’ve rounded up 8 of the most sworn-by Nipponese brands, plus some notable newbies. Check ‘em out and you might just find your new Holy Grail. No plane ticket to Japan required!


Long since a staple in our everyday lives, Bioré established itself as a Japanese powerhouse by providing inexpensive products and products that work. The brands boasts a huge assortment of popular items, including the much-loved UV Water Essence. The best-selling formulation wears like a lightweight canvas (minus the white cast), making it a favorite among Filipinas. But don’t take our word for it—the UV Water Essence has over 300 5-star reviews on BeautyMNL, and won a Skincare Award in 2017. Sold!

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There is no Japanese brand more beloved across generations than Shiseido. (Just ask your mom!) With over 140 years in the business, they have hundreds of products that have become hits with beauty junkies over the world. It’s difficult to pick a single product from their long list of bestsellers, but if you were to splurge on just one, make it the Super Mild Conditioner. The product’s chockfull of moisturizing properties to cleanse, hydrate, and keep miscellaneous woes (frizz, split ends, and so on) in check. Because, really, who doesn’t want luscious locks all year round?

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Just Google images of people using Baby Foot, and you are in for a major surprise. Whether you think it’s gross or weirdly satisfying, there’s no doubt this stuff works. The brand Baby Foot basically offers a chemical peel for your feet. It helps undo all the damage you put your soles through by (literally) stripping off layers of dead skin cells, cracked heels, and the toughest calluses. After just one use, it reveals feet that feel as smooth as a baby’s bottom. And don’t worry—the process isn’t as painful as it looks!

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Perhaps one of the only brow products ubiquitous enough to be recognized by name, the K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Eyebrow Liner is one of the best brow products of all time. Like its name suggests, the liner is very strong and stays on for up to 24 hours. It also has a fine-tip pen to draw in strands as natural or bold as you desire. Although the Japanese label only prides itself on mascara, brow products, and eyeliner, it makes up for its small assortment by assuring each and every product is cult-status worthy.

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You probably know a friend who has smuggled an entire suitcase of Lululun sheet masks into the Philippines. But now, you no longer have to visit Japan to get in on all the skin-loving goodness. Each and every one of their masks is made with the finest ingredients to promote the best results. So the only problem you might face is choosing which sheet mask to purchase. Lucky for everyone, their masks come at budget-friendly prices, which might make the choice easier for you. (Bag ‘em all!)

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The whole Anessa line centers around one important skincare step: sunscreen. Under the wing of Shiseido, its products are backed on 17 years of extensive research and experience—which makes it an instant winner in our books. Every one of their SPFs is gentle enough for sensitive types, doubles as a makeup base, and improves skin over time. Reason enough for anyone to wear sunscreen every day.

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Shiro Waki Ashi is known for one thing, and one thing only: its effective skin-lightening products. Best for places that hardly get any TLC—like the armpits, elbows, and knees—the brand sheds light back onto all your dark secrets. Their products brighten uneven skin, smoothen texture, and leave behind an overall brighter appearance with gentle, yet concentrated formulas. With continuous use, we promise, you will be glowing all over.

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Of all the Japanese labels on BeautyMNL, Kracie might have the most versatile product assortment. Offering personal care products to pharmaceuticals and yes, even pantry staples, the brand hopes to inject some much-needed joy into the monotony of daily living. If you are new to Kracie, however, it might be hard to know which of their products to put your centavos into. Well, you certainly can’t go wrong with any one of their Ichikami haircare products. Whether your hair is straight or wavy, your best locks are just a wash away.

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