While we’re not ones to advocate for overindulging in alcohol, studies do show that certain wines come with health benefits. You know, in case you needed a wellness-adjacent reason to pour yourself a glass. But if you’re just looking to unwind, we support that too. We’re pretty sure this qualifies as self-care.

Before you get too excited, repeat after us: responsible adult-ing means never drinking on an empty stomach. So if you and your girl friends want to do wine night, you all better either come fed or bearing snacks! No, you don’t have to drop major $$$ on a fancy cheeseboard—you just have to know what flavor profiles work best together. Below, we give you 7 wine and snack pairings your palate will love!


1. ALMONDS + CHAMPAGNE Almonds have a mild, nutty flavor and a delightfully creamy texture, both of which pair well with a celebratory glass of sweet, sparkling wine.

TRY: Manila Superfoods Almonds (250g), P295

2. DARK CHOCOLATE + FINO Thanks to its high cacao content, dark chocolate tends to veer bittersweet. Dry, aromatic fino smells of almonds, which balances out the darker cacao.

TRY: Coco Dolce 65% Dark Chocolate (45g), P110

3. BROWNIES + MERLOT Brownies with a semi-sweet chocolate base are best eaten with a merlot. The smooth, fruity notes in this dark red pick are perfect with dessert.

TRY: Earth Desserts Vegan Brownie Brittle, P150

4. BARBECUE CHIPS + PINOT NOIR Unusual, yes, but not totally unpalatable. BBQ chips are smoky and bursting with umami that’s sure to shine when consumed with an earthy pinot noir.

TRY: Banana Chief’s Giant Banana Chips BBQ Flavored, P195

5. PEPPER JACK + MOSCATO Pepper jack is buttery and spicy, and a dry, light-bodied, sweet moscato wine will complement rather than overwhelm its cheesy flavor.

TRY: Moon Cheese Pepper Jack, P295

6. DRIED MANGO + SAUVIGNON BLANC White wines generally favor fruit, especially the dehydrated kind. To start: a dry option like sauvignon blanc will offset the sugary-sweetness of tropical mango.

TRY: Paradise Dried Mixed Mangoes (454g), P595

7. STRAWBERRIES + ROSÉ Is there a more picture-perfect summer romance than fresh fruits and rosé on a hot day? Use strawberry preserves in a rosé sangria or as a topper for cheesecakes. You’ll love the refreshing floral notes in a sparkling rosé against tart strawberries!

TRY: Fynbo Strawberry Preserves, P197

So, who’s hosting the next wine night?

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