Since day one, K-beauty brand COSRX has been serving troubled skin well. So much so that we’ll never be without pimple patches in our skincare arsenal, or at least one essence in rotation. What can we say? The brand knows its way around an anti-acne regimen and we just can’t get enough.

If you’re a skincare newbie and you’ve yet to get on the COSRX hype train, we’ll tell you right now—it’s super beginner-friendly. Take these One Step Original Clear Pads, for example: all you have to do to use them is take them out of the pot. In a swipe, you target sebum, minimize blemishes, and slough away dead skin cells, all while keeping your skin well-balanced. We’d even go as far as to say that if you could try just one thing from COSRX, start with these pads. It’s technically a toner, but it’s certainly one of the most versatile ones we’ve tried. See exactly how we make this single product work for us in seven different ways!


1. EXFOLIATE Since each of these pads are double-sided, you can use the textured side to exfoliate more effectively. The serum itself is a gentle chemical exfoliant made with active ingredients that thoroughly cleanse skin. Meanwhile, the material of the pad will serve as a physical exfoliator.

2. TONE If your skin type is oily, you might benefit from using these pads as your nightly toner. If you’re more on the combination side, you’ll want to tone with these every other night instead to keep dryness at bay. For this step, simply glide the product over your skin after double-cleansing to prep it for the rest of your routine.

3. MASK New to toner masking? Since these pads come pre-soaked, all you have to do is cut them up and lay them over your face like a sheet mask. This technique will help your skin absorb the serum even more effectively as the material encourages absorption.

4. CLEANSE Thanks to its potent assortment of pore-cleansing ingredients, these pads can also serve as a handy cleanser in a pinch. We’d recommend using them during the second step of the double-cleansing method, as they can take care of any leftover residue that your oil cleanser may have missed.

5. TREAT If you find that your skin condition is generally good but that certain areas are problematic, you’ll want to use these for targeted treatment only. To avoid overworking your skin, concentrate application only on the areas that need extra attention.

6. UNDERARM EXFOLIATOR ICYMI, toners are the underrated underarm saviors we’ve been obsessed with lately. After all, exfoliating toners help smoothen rough patches and brighten dark spots on your face. It only makes sense that it’ll do the same for sensitive underarm skin.

7. BONUS: CUT IN HALF TO PROLONG USE We’d say these pads are soaked with enough product to last you through two uses each, so stretch that 70 to 140 by cutting them in half. Just be sure your hands are clean and your scissors are sanitized when you do it!

Not bad for just one product, right? We’re impressed!

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