Forgive the hugot reference, but breakouts are just like ex-boyfriends. You think you’ve finally gotten rid of them, and then they pop up out of nowhere, right when you least expect them to. Urgh!
Now, you don’t have to tell us what a hassle it is to squeeze in a derma appointment in the middle of the workweek. What more if you don’t have a professional on call! But that doesn’t mean you’ve got to bear with the bad skin (and bad vibes) for an undisclosed period of time. Take things into your own hands with these seven skincare solutions—and break up with breakouts for good.


These traditional treatments can be dotted on top of your problem areas or spread all over the face.
Cleerface Herbal Pimple Cream (P240) derives its antiseptic, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory effect from basil leaf oil.
If your trouble extends beyond spot-correction, pick up the COSRX Centella Blemish Cream (P900). When applied all over the face, this cream reduces redness, dryness, and acne with its hero ingredient, centella asiatica (also known as spadeleaf).


These formulas pull double-shifts as facial washes and pimple treatments.
Rid your pores of sebum buildup with the Aloe Derma Acne Removing Deep Cleanser (P450). It’s infused with known pimple-busters like tea tree extract and organic aloe vera leaf juice but still remains gentle on skin.
Using salicylic acid to buff away dead skin, the Céleteque DermoScience Acne Cleansing Gel (P495) reduces comedones after just one week.


Lather up your face and bod with these zit-fighting beauty bars.
To clear bad bacteria, the Pasjel Oh My Egg! Anti-Acne Soap (P550) relies on a combination of egg white and tea tree oil.
The extra-mild Dearest Acne Soap (P450) dissolves blackheads and minimizes pores without any alcohol, parabens, or SLS. It does contain skin goodies like rosehip oil, Vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid.


Used immediately after cleansing, these toning treatments are designed to refine.
The VMV Superskin 3 Monolaurin + Mandelic Acid Toner (P800) is a customer fave for good reason. By purifying the skin with coconut-derived monolaurin, it removes unseen residue that triggers acne breakouts.
The Id Anti-Acne Toner (P900) is so potent, you’re instructed to ease into it over a period of weeks. Another VMV favorite, this toner uses beta-hydroxy acid to bring down inflammation and protect against future pimples.


Sheet masks go way beyond stress relief—they can also calm irritated skin and fight flare-ups.
If you’ve been moved by the power of tea tree, why not try a cotton mask dripping with the stuff? Try the It’s Real Squeeze Tea Tree Mask (P110) by Innisfree.
Green tea is a celebrated antioxidant that can siphon infection from the skin and prevent marks (including acne scars) from forming. If that sounds good to you, try the Anti-Trouble Mask with Green Tea (P78) by Leaders InSolution.


Using oil-based products on oil-plagued skin was once no-no. And then our eyes were opened by serums.
Luxury brand Nelly De Vuyst is stocked by some of the most prestigious dermatology clinics in the world (thus the steep prices!). Its Sensitive Skin Extract (P2,275) is a serum that reduces rosacea and swelling connected to acne. It is designed for use with the Sensitive Skin Essential Concentrate (P2,794), another potent serum that battles against painful pimples and pustules.


These stickers provide instant spot-correction with the press of a finger.
Packed with healing hydrocolloid, the COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patches (P170) are ideal for on-the-go treatment. In a nutshell, they make your pimples die more quickly without leaving unsightly marks.