Being dead tired and unable to fall sleep is one of the worst feelings ever. Your mind is racing, and the fact that you can’t nod off is making you even more anxious. That’s why you have to learn how to do one of the most difficult things ever: RELAX.
According to science, relaxation is the key to a truly restful slumber. And while it might seem simple, some nights, chilling out just doesn’t come as easy as we’d like it to. Lucky for insomniacs everywhere, there are more than a few tried-and-tested ways around the problem. Here are 7 personal recos from a girl who can never fall asleep!


Start with setting the mood. This is where your scented candles, fairy lights, and childhood night lights (we don’t judge!) come into play. Ever since I tried out the Himalayan salt lamp, I’ve been leaning on it as comforting light source come nighttime. The perfect remedy for eye strain!

OUR RECOS: Hima PH Himalayan Salt Lamp (5-7kg), P1,850

Sense memory is a powerful thing, and that certainly applies to the olfactory department. With the right blend of scents, you could build a pleasantly zen atmosphere in record time. My go-tos are lavender for relieving tension and peppermint for instant freshness.

OUR RECOS: Milea All Organics Lavender Massage Oil (250ml), P520, Zellaroma Peppermint 100% Pure Essential Oil (15ml), P500

For beauty lovers, skincare is pretty much synonymous to self-care. You see, 10-step routines and bi-monthly facials aren’t just about achieving that lit-from-within glow—they’re also about making time for ourselves. So, ladies, if you’ve ever got fifteen minutes to spare after a hard day’s work, consider slapping on a quick, cold face mask. You deserve it!

OUR RECOS: My Scheming Provence Lavender Soothing Mask, P80

Potato chips, by default, aren’t the healthiest snacks in the market. These ones by Spud Buds are still cooked in oil, for one thing—but the bright side is they’re all lovingly handcrafted. Translation: zero additives, but you still get a world of flavor. And let’s face it: when you’re trying not to think, a handful of crispy potatoes hit that comforting sweet spot every time.

OUR RECOS: Spud Buds Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips, P70

When you’re feeling especially on edge, try reaching for tea and a plate of warm cookies to help with the nerves. They just taste like everything’s going to be okay, you know? These wholesome treats by Pili & Pino come pretty close to the oven-baked stuff, and they pair perfectly well with a steaming cup of green tea.

OUR RECOS: Pili & Pino Chocolate Cacao Nib Cookies (180g), P180, Manila Superfoods Loose Leaf Green Tea (50g), P135

It’s not the most glamorous thing in the world, but giving yourself a good scrub-down before bed can do wonders for your state of mind. It’s that combination of feeling both squeaky-clean and well taken care of that does you good. Nothing bad ever comes out of sloughing away dead skin cells, right?

OUR RECOS: Jarful of Goodness Pamper Me! Scrub, P280

This one’s going to require some faith, but…have you checked up on your chakras lately? As it goes, the crown chakra is in charge of your consciousness. This candle, then, is meant to purify your thoughts, provide a sense of bliss, and give you inner strength. Curious to see if it does as it says? Light it up!

OUR RECOS: Resveralife Crown Chakra Candle, P1,600

So, how do you relax?

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