First things first: when we say “vaginal care,” we’re talking about the general area, vulva included. Most people tend to focus just on the vulva when talking about feminine hygiene, as it is the more external part—but trust us, everything down there requires your utmost care.

That said, what exactly does proper vaginal care call for and how do you know you’re treating yourself right? Below, we cover 7 essential tips to follow to keep your vagina in tip-top shape!


How often you visit your gynaecologist depends a lot on your personal history, so “regular” here may be subjective. But if you’ve got plenty of questions about the state of your lady bits, Google shouldn’t be your only resource. Find a gyno you’re comfortable with and learn about your health needs together! Make sure you’ve covered all the necessary tests, too, so your doctor can advise you on check-up frequency based on your results.
Don’t worry, you don’t have to trash your silk and lace panties any time soon; we know they feel too luxurious to quit. But you shouldn’t be wearing them everyday, either. As sexy as those fabrics may be, they also retain a lot of moisture, which encourages bacterial growth. For daily use, make sure you opt for breathable cotton to keep your intimate areas cool and dry.
Like we said, your vaginal area is actually a self-cleaning ecosystem that’s best left to its own devices. It pretty much takes care of itself. Given that, sometimes it may need some help beyond a quick wash—like during your time of the month. So if you have to introduce some soapy action into your routine, pick out a gentle soap made only with ingredients that won’t upset your pH balance. TRY: Human Nature Feminine Wash Protection With Tea Tree Oil (165ml), P175, Neutra Organics Femme Fresh Feminine Wash, P350, GynePro Antiseptic Feminine Wash (150ml), P140, Leiania House of Beauty The Flower Pot Femmie Wash Bar (60g), P200
Where were you when you first heard about kegels? Whether you picked it up while browsing Goop or while chatting with your yoga friends, the important thing is it’s in your headspace now. For the uninitiated, kegels are exercises designed to strengthen your pelvic floor, which is great for your bladder, bowels, and overall sexual health. Plus, a stronger pelvis makes giving birth a little bit easier.
We know swimsuit season is coming up, but stripping yourself of pubic hair leaves your hoo-ha vulnerable to irritants. Don’t get us wrong: proper grooming is totally essential. If trimming, waxing, and shaving off any hairs that peek out will help with your comfort levels, then do it. Just be sure to stop short of leaving yourself completely hairless—hair’s there for protection!
Some days, your flow will be on the lighter side, so tossing your pad or tampon may seem like an unnecessary step. After all, these hygiene products cost money, so you should be using them to their full extent, right? Well, right—just not to the detriment of your vaginal area. As a general rule, you should be changing pads every 3-4 hours, tampons every 4-8 hours, and rinsing out your menstrual cup every 10-12 hours, to avoid any hygiene issues. TRY: Kotex Luxe Ultrathin Day Pad, P59, Anytime Menstrual Cup (Size 1), P700, Hannahpad Philippines Pantyliner, P360, Hannahpad Philippines Large, P660, Ladouce Tampons Normal, P199
Our bodies can be finicky, between hormones and possible medicinal needs, and sometimes our vaginas will be too dry for comfort. That’s where lubricant proves super useful. Beyond making sex easier and more enjoyable (bye bye, microtears!), it can even assist you with menstrual cup insertion so you never have to wince yourself through it ever again. TRY: Lubie Water-Based Personal Lubricant, P149 (limited time only)

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