If there’s one thing that will never go out of style, it’s green living. Already made the switch from single-use plastics to eco-bags and metal straws? You might want to give sustainable fashion a try, too.
This realm of fashion uses ethical, ecologically-sound practices to create clothes. These practices can run the gamut from repurposing excess fabric to implementing fair wage policies for workers. The goal is simple: to avoid depleting more natural resources, reduce carbon footprint, and maintain ecological and social balance—while still producing great looks.

Ready to take the next step towards a greener lifestyle? Here are 7 local fashion brands that prove sustainability and style do look good together!


Lola & Daisies makes ethical style accessible to every woman. Their pieces are handmade by a small group of seamstresses, so you can look forward to wearing things that are, in some way, limited edition. See their stuff here.
WE LOVE: Their Caitlyn Top, P800. This crisp white shirt is ultra-presko, no matter what you pair it with. Shop it here.


Lazy Fare uses overruns and deadstock fabric (a fancy term for “leftovers”) to create their clothes. While giving fashionistas great basics, the brand also provides a source of livelihood for local seamstresses. See their stuff here.
WE LOVE: Their Lazy Maxi Dress, P500. Casual meets chic in this solid-toned sheath. Its relaxed fit makes it a figure-friendly choice for all sizes. Shop it here.


Another patron of deadstock fabric, Candid Clothing is made for the eco-conscious basic bae—and we mean that in a good way. This ethical brand gives skilled seamstresses a sustainable livelihood. See their stuff here.
WE LOVE: Their 10-Way Scarf, P500. It’s a scarf, cardigan, dress, skirt, vest, and cape in one! Seriously, this multi-hyphenate might just be the most versatile thing you’ll ever own. Shop it here.


Besides using 100% organic fabric, Veentedge donates a portion of their Wear & Care Collection’s proceeds to a charity that educates and houses abandoned children. The collection features pieces inspired by and named after these children’s dream professions. We’re not crying, you are! See their stuff here.
WE LOVE: Their Engineer, P1,500. Serve up smart-casual with this linen dress. A utilitarian’s dream, it has pockets to hold your stuff as you rush from one meeting to the next. Shop it here.


Look good and give back at the same time with Númad, which crafts its stuff in renewable materials like linen, silk, viscose, and (you guessed it!) deadstock fabric. See their stuff here.
WE LOVE: Their Eddie Skirt, P1,520. With its ruffles and tortoiseshell buttons, this pencil skirt comes with just enough oomph. Shop it here.

Anthill celebrates indigenous Filipino weaving culture through its contemporary designs. Its zero-waste creations not only promote native crafts, but also support local artisans. See their stuff here.
WE LOVE: Their Reversible Kapa, P3,499. This versatile piece is beautifully handwoven with Mang Abel Ti Abra fabric and upcycled thread that comes in 5 different variations. Shop it here.


Proudly local and eco-conscious, Loukha is all about sustainability. Like several of the brands on this list, they use deadstock fabric for their woven pieces, repurposing what would otherwise be tossed in the trash. See their stuff here.
WE LOVE: Their Bonnie High-Waisted Shorts, P1,099. Tuck any top into these shorts— the high-waisted design will look flattering with anything. . They’re pretty much living proof that fashion can be fun, functional, and for everyone! Shop it here.

What are the other sustainable fashion brands you love? Sound off in the comments section below!

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