Whether wellness is at the core of your lifestyle or just something you’re casually interested in, we’re sure you’ve heard of superfoods. Basically, these are nutrient-dense food and drink essentials that offer tons of health benefits per serving. Translation: they’re key to balancing your diet in a smart yet super simple way! Superfoods come in many forms, but we especially love the ones that come in fuss-free packages you can just scoop the good stuff straight out of. Local brand The Superfood Grocer (aptly named!) offer plenty of those: from healthy fats and high-fiber grains to antioxidant-rich powders, they have it all covered. Seriously, all you need to do is rip a bag open and you’ll be well on your way to a better-for-you meal in no time!

Still think superfoods are all hype? Then don’t take our word for it—take our customers’. Scroll for their five-star faves from this top brand to find out exactly why they think these wellness staples are worth calling super!

Robinette, 39: “I put this in my protein shake for breakfast or dinner. I love how it thickens my drink and makes me feel full for longer. Digestion-wise, I noticed my ‘morning routine’ has improved. Sometimes, I add a teaspoon to my water for texture.”

SHOP THE REVIEW: Chia Seeds 1/2 lb. (227g), now on sale at P315 (limited time only)

Jade, 27: “I use this in my smoothies and omelettes. It’s rich in fiber, making me feel full for a longer time. Plus, it also helps regulate my digestion. Healthy superfood to incorporate in your diet plans!”

SHOP THE REVIEW: Golden Flax Seeds (454g / 1lb), now on sale at P212 (limited time only)

L, age unknown: “I’m picky about buying matcha powders from mainstream shops, because I tend to grab sugar (and other fillers)-filled matcha powders. This one is pure matcha! It’s also affordable compared to imported brands.”

SHOP THE REVIEW: Matcha Green Tea Powder (50g), now on sale at P338 (limited time only)

Lee, 23: “This product perfectly suits me since I can eat them without being guilty afterwards. It has this distinct bitter taste of cacao, and just the right amount of sweetness. It can be used in a plethora of applications, spicing dishes up with an honest-to-goodness superfood kick.”

SHOP THE REVIEW: Cacao Nibs Coated in Coconut Sugar 1/2 lb. (227g), now on sale at P225 (limited time only)

DK, 29: “In as little as 2 weeks, I’ve noticed that maca powder helps me: (1) feel more energized (without the crash-and-burn effect that comes with consuming coffee or energy drinks); (2) sleep much better, so I wake up feeling refreshed even on less than 8 hours of sleep; (3) deal with menstrual cramps; and, (4) recover from muscle soreness faster.”

SHOP THE REVIEW: Organic Maca Powder (100g), now on sale at P338 (limited time only)

Catch, 22: “Excellent alternative to sugary cereal. This is crunchy and satisfying without being overly sweet. As a health-conscious sweet tooth, it was really useful for me to have a healthy snack, so I won’t be tempted to cheat on my diet.”

SHOP THE REVIEW: Coconola Vegan Granola Clusters Chocolate Crunch (200g), now on sale at P224 (limited time only), Coconola Vegan Granola Clusters Tropical Medley (200g), now on sale at P224 (limited time only)

Gia, 28: “It does wonders! If you are a first timer and would like to try quinoa, this product is for you. It’s worth the price and quality! I’m on a low-carb, high-protein diet and I substitute quinoa for my rice. It curbs the sugar cravings and makes you full throughout the day.”

SHOP THE REVIEW: Quinoa 1 lb. (454g), now on sale at P356 (limited time only)

Minor edits have been made for brevity and clarity.

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