If by some miracle you were blessed with perfect skin or, say, skipped puberty altogether, you probably won’t need this guide. But for many of us, the battle against pimples and blemishes prevails long after teenage-hood. Unfortunately, there is no one-stop product for blemished skin—unless we just haven’t discovered it yet (in which case, hook a girl up!). More often than not, treating acne is all about case-to-case strategy: using the right products for the right problems.

To help you out, we’ve listed the seven most common acne-related stresses and exactly what you need to combat them. Level up your routine with these skin-savers—and rest assured that for every acne issue, there is a solution.


OUR RECO: COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch, P170 If you told us a few years ago that magical pimple-healing stickers existed, we wouldn’t have believed you. And yet, here they are. Think of these hydrocolloid patches as med-infused bandaids for your blemishes. Just place one over a freshly-popped pimple, then leave it on overnight to absorb the deep-seated sebum left inside. When you wake up, the patch will have turned white (it’s all the gunk that got sucked out). Peel it off and you’ll find a flat, dried-up spot where that raging zit used to be. Sorcery.

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OUR RECO: Céleteque Dermo Acne Solutions Clearing Concealer, P269 Sometimes, the only way to deal with a blemish is to hide it until you can get your hands on some benzoyl peroxide. Unfortunately, caking on your makeup can lead to a bigger pimple that requires even more product to cover up. The good news is that this gentle Céleteque concealer doubles as an acne treatment! Its medicated coverage helps reduce pimples with 2% salicylic acid. Plus, the pen-type design is easy to wield and gives you great, targeted coverage.

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OUR RECO: COSRX BHA Skin Returning A-Sol, P750 An accumulation of oil and grime is the main culprit behind blemished skin. To prevent breakouts, use a daily chemical exfoliator like this bestselling natural BHA liquid. When applied all over the face, it gently buffs away dead skin cells and controls sebum production. When used as a spot treatment, it also soothes and treats budding pimples before they poke through the skin.

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OUR RECO: VMV Red Better Spot Corrector, P470 If you’re battling sensitive skin and rosacea-related breakouts, this acne balm should be on you at all times. Formulated with anti-inflammatory sulphur and salicylic acid, it effectively addresses those scarlet splotches caused by irritation. As a result, the redness disappears and your skin looks instantly less aggravated.

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OUR RECO: Cleerface Herbal Pimple Cream, now on sale at P319 (limited time only) Going organic? This underrated local remedy uses herbal extracts to banish blackheads, pustules, and other blemishes. Its antiseptic properties comes from the oil of basil leaves, a natural ingredient that is mild enough for all ages and skin types.

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OUR RECO: Leaders InSolution Green Tea Anti-Trouble Mask, P78 Show acne-prone skin some love with a sheet mask specifically designed for it! Soaked in a green tea-infused serum, this soothing mask prevents infections from festering while deeply hydrating the skin. It’s also free of parabens and artificial colors to avoid irritating sensitive skin types. With this spa-inspired mask, treating acne never feels like a chore.

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OUR RECO: Promise Trecurase Kit, P1,395 Skincare isn’t just a one-time war to wage against pimples—it’s a habit. To maintain a clearer complexion for the long-term, use an all-in-one kit as your everyday treatment. Each product covers a step in your anti-acne routine, from cleansing to lightening scars.

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