When you are working overtime (or partying like a rockstar), sleep is inevitably the first thing to go. That’s precisely why sleeping packs—also called sleeping masks—are a godsend. These creamy concoctions are similar to traditional masks when it comes to the careful finger-application. But unlike the old stuff, these formulas work as you sleep! They’re also richer in consistency, which allows them to pump up hydration and penetrate deep into the skin during the natural repair cycle (you guessed it: nighttime).

Scroll down for 7 sleeping packs to complement your busy lifestyle. They’ll make you look like you got eight hours of shut-eye—even if it was way, way less.

1. Innisfree Green Tea Sleeping Pack, P800 To perfect your complexion, this eco-friendly formula uses green tea extracts and seed oil, both known antioxidants. It has a gel-like texture that sinks into your skin for an extra-supple effect in the morning.

2. Pixi Nourishing Sleeping Mask, P1,180 Banish the signs of a sleepless night with this luxurious leave-on mask. It’s laced with hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture and essential oils that act as a nutritious drink for the skin. You’ll feel the effects long after the sun has risen.

3. COSRX Rice Overnight Spa Mask, P792 The rice extract in this mask ensures radiant skin, even if you sorely lack beauty sleep. Rice extract is a celebrated skin lightener that can draw the fatigue out of your complexion as quickly as overnight.

4. COSRX Honey Overnight Mask, P792 It can double as a daytime moisturizer, but this “honey cream” works extra hard during the ungodly hours. It brims with bee-derived ingredients, best known for their superior healing properties.

5. Mores 2 Eyes Sleeping Eye Mask, P1,196 Say goodbye to sleep-ridden eyes—they stand no chance against this pick-me-up! A formula designed specifically for the delicate eye zone, this sleeping mask uses MDI Complex to diminish bags and French ash tree extract to firm up skin. Read: less fine lines and wrinkles! Sleep is the great healer, apparently.

6. Banila Co. The Black 17 Sleeping Pack, P695
This black face putty is packed with everything you need—so it’s perfect if you’re too lazy for a sleepy-time skincare. Made with 17 black-food ingredients, it’s designed to moisturize your skin, tighten your pores, and brighten your complexion while you snooze.

7. UGB Sleeping Cream, P1,900
Pep up your pelt with this moisturizing blend of ginseng, green tea, and aloe vera. These hydrators erase signs of fatigue overnight, and wrinkles and fine lines over time.