Have you ever caught a whiff of something tasty and immediately started craving it even though you just ate? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Scents are potent appetite stimulators, because our sense of smell is closely tied to our tastebuds.

For those of us trying to manage our appetite, that’s great news—after all, our senses are a two-way street. As much as mouthwatering scents can make our tummies rumble, there are quite a few others that can turn us off of food altogether. Below, we list just 7 scents that have bonus weight loss perks!


1. GRAPEFRUIT If you have an insatiable sweet tooth, consider sniffing some grapefruit oil before dessert. The bright, crisp scent of the citrus is said to help decrease appetite by relaxing our body’s natural inclination towards sugar cravings.

TRY: Bathgems Grapefruit Essential Oil (30ml), P590

2. VANILLA The warm, sweet smell of vanilla extract may be nauseating to some, but studies show that it can help cut chocolate consumption in half. Of course, this trick is only as effective as the vanilla is pure, so keep that in mind before experimenting!

TRY: Happy Island Sweet Vanilla Soy Candle (2oz/60ml), P149 (limited time only)

3. LEMON Like its citrus cousin at number one, lemon is a known diet staple. That’s why the fruit itself is a key ingredient in so many detox drinks. When you inhale its concentrated scent, it’s said to improve even the mental activity that promotes fat-burning.

TRY: Pure Bliss Lemon Essential Oil (18mL), P275

4. ORANGE To round out the citrus trio of slimming scents, there’s orange. This summertime favorite is a certified mood-booster: it enhances your happiness levels, which helps you swerve any emotional eating impulses.

TRY: V&M Naturals Orange Essential Oil, P200 (limited time only)

5. PEPPERMINT If you’ve ever lost your appetite after brushing your teeth, then you should know the power of menthol. The compound effectively influences your neurosensory perceptions to curb cravings and prevent overeating. Translation: it gives you the strength to skip that ultra tempting after-dinner snack.

TRY: Zeva Peppermint Essential Oil (10ml), P947

6. PATCHOULI Known for its musky nature and immunity-boosting properties, patchouli can also shrink your appetite as a useful bonus. It can even improve your body’s metabolic functions, which helps you burn fat faster.

TRY: Beryl Essentials Patchouli Essential Oil, P269

7. GINGER & CINNAMON Using herbs and spices in your meals to reduce hunger pangs isn’t new, but the scent of them can be powerful on their own, too. When combined, the spicy aromas of ginger and cinnamon can help control stress-induced snacking.

TRY: doTERRA Slim and Sassy Essential Oil, P1,900

Do you have any go-to natural appetite suppressants? Tell us about ‘em below!

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