Despite having been a buzzword for a while, self-care continues to elude a lot of people. Whether it’s because much of the literature misses the point or because we do (sometimes!), the wellness-curious still have plenty to learn.
So, let us clear some things up: no, self-care doesn’t have to be expensive. Yes, it is for everyone. And no, it’s not one size fits all. At its core, self-care is 100% about the individual, which means that all the big and little things you do to look after yourself counts. Diligently taking the meds your doctor prescribed, giving your BFF a call during tough work weeks, and getting out of bed on your laziest days all count. Trust us!

Still unsure about where to start—or even if you’re going in the right direction? We’ve brought together 7 ladies from the BeautyMNL team to give you an idea of their personal self-care habits. Hope this guides you well, and take care!


1. STAY HYDRATED. Thanks to her chronically dry skin, Kat has learned to love sheet masks (read more about her masking habits here). “I try to mask at least once a week to keep my complexion plump and bright,” she shares. As an added measure, she also keeps a humidifier running on her bedside, to combat any AC-induced nighttime dryness.

SHE USES: Dewytree Honey Moist Black Mask, P139, Esfolio Pure Skin Pearl Essence Mask Sheet, P54, Anything Cactus Air Humidifier, P1,100

2. HAVE A CHEAT SNACK OR TWO. Carli loves to relax with a movie or a book, and a bowl of ice cream with all the fixins: sprinkles, syrup, and whatever other sweet tooth-satiator is available. “I only have it sometimes, which is what makes it extra special,” she says. “I don’t think it’s healthy to be too strict with yourself or your diet.”

3. SHOWER BY CANDLELIGHT. Showers getting boring? Try doing it in the dark! “I light a few scented candles and set them by the sink, turn off all the lights, and have a warm shower by candlelight,” shares Dani. She especially loves musky, woodsy scents that pair really well with the calming and solitary atmosphere.

SHE USES: Aromabotanical Philippines 1-Wick Candle in White Jasmine & Sandalwood, P660, Figs & Blossoms Soy Candle (220g) in Vanilla Patchouli, Bomb Cosmetics Lavender Musk Tinned Candle, P649

4. SET ASIDE TIME FOR SKINCARE. It’s the golden era of skincare, so it’s rare to find beauty lovers who’ll skip it even on their busiest weeks. Kim dedicates Sunday evenings to an extensive, once-a-week routine. “I like to start the week feeling extra clean and fresh, and Sundays are the only time I can do the works,” she shares. “That’s when I mask, exfoliate, and use my chilled facial roller to get blood flow going. I feel very renewed every time.”

SHE USES: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay (454g), P525, COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence, P950, Chi Beauty Rose Quartz Facial Massage Roller, P2,495

5. MAKE DIETARY CHANGES. Upon reading up on the effects that dairy can have on acne, Claire decided to go dairy-free. “My skin wasn’t looking great last year, so I decided to do some digging,” she says. “Dairy causes skin issues for a lot of people, so I tried cutting it out to see what would happen. It’s really done wonders for my skin health. I have no regrets!”

SHE USES: Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Chocolate (180ml), P40, Coco Dolce 65% Dark Chocolate (100g), P220, Earth Desserts Vegan Brownie Brittle, P150,

6. FIND WHAT WORKS BETTER FOR YOU. Commercial soaps aren’t for everyone, which is certainly the case for Kathy. “I’m trying to switch out the products I use so my hair could be stronger,” she explains. “I’m not as familiar with organic shampoo bars, which is why I’m experimenting a bit. Just testing out the assortment to see what I love.”

SHE USES: Amihan Organics Lemongrass Shampoo Bar, P375, Klara’s Orange Handmade Shampoo Bar, P180, Cocobody Virgin Coconut Shampoo Bar (100g), P100

7. TAKE A WALK. Walking to ease anxious thoughts and get ahead of restlessness isn’t new, but it surprised Ayana to see how much it actually helps. “Whenever the weather allows it, I walk everywhere,” she says. “I always feel much lighter after a stroll around the area where I live and work. If you can find a park with plenty of fresh air, even better!”

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