C’mon, admit it: we’ve all resorted to applying toothpaste over a breakout in a last-ditch effort to get rid of it ASAP. We don’t know who originated the myth that toothpaste is good for our skin, but we’re glad we wised up before it can do too much damage.

Thankfully, home remedies for acne are much more refined now—and backed up with better research. Here are just seven of ‘em!


ACV comes with a long list of health benefits—and now you can add skin health to that list, too. This superfood staple contains acetic acids which chase away zits and any lingering redness. To make your own acne-busting toner, dilute a tablespoon of ACV in two cups of water and apply all over with a cotton pad.
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Witch hazel is an all-natural antioxidant that’ll clear up your skin without stripping it of essential moisture. When concentrated, it can act as a gentle astringent that’ll dry out and shrink all signs of acne. (ICYMI: Here’s a 4-step routine starring this skin-saving ingredient!)
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Beyond soothing sunburns, aloe vera can also help heal blemishes and fight infections while moisturizing your skin. If you can’t get your aloe straight from the succulent, go for options that stay as close as possible to its undiluted state.
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Depending on where you get them, omega-3’s can be an effective anti-inflammatory. Those found in flaxseeds (ALA) help reduce stress and oily sebum, which often lead to breakouts when left untreated.
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Unprocessed honey contains antiseptic properties that can inhibit the growth of bacteria in your pores. This means, with the right application, it can stop pimples in their tracks. On top of that, honey can also prevent swelling and minimize redness of already-existing acne.
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Clay masks are a godsend for those with acne-prone and sensitive skin. Why? It’s one of few highly effective exfoliators that aren’t too harsh on your pelt. Simply combine bentonite clay with ACV for an easy homemade mask that’ll rid your pores of pimple-causing bacteria.
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Not only is green tea a powerful antioxidant when ingested, it can also help clear your skin of impurities when applied topically. To help reduce inflammation and calm breakouts, place a washcloth dampened with chilled green tea over the problem areas.
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