Started from the bottom, now you want a 10-step skincare routine? Now, just hold on right there. Unless your cleansing has been fine-tuned to a T, don’t even think about splurging on fancy-shmancy ampules with names you can’t pronounce. Without a solid cleanser, you’re just adding more layers on top of already dirty skin. As a rule of thumb, any cleanser worth its salt should do one essential job: to flush away debris, without stripping skin of the very oils that keep it healthy. Unfortunately, many formulas on the market are notorious for being way too harsh, leaving your pelt parched.

So, here—take your pick from 7 of Seoul’s finest foams, relatively new on Philippine shores. These gentle lathers provide deep cleansing, intense moisture, and then some. Betcha didn’t know some of them existed!

1. COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser, P600 Topping our list is one of the most universally-loved cleansers in K-Beauty. With a super low pH level of 5, this delicate gel is the closest you can get to your skin’s natural acidity. A safe choice even for super sensitive complexions! Shop it here.

2. Mizon Snail Repairing Foam Cleanser, P350 Rich in the slime we’ve all learned to embrace, this soft whipped formula boasts of all the benefits of snail mucin. It effectively repairs damaged skin cells, provides rich hydration, and relieves budding breakouts. Shop it here.

3. Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Foam, now on sale at P550 (limited time only) Ramping up your anti-aging regimen? Fight fine lines and free radicals with this antioxidant-packed foam. The mixture of green tea and amino acids keeps skin plump and prevents that too-taut feeling after rinsing. Shop it here.

4. Benton Honest Cleansing Foam, P450 If your skincare goals are anti-acne-related, this alkaline cleanser is the stuff of dreams. Its high pH level of 8 helps destroy bad bacteria, breaks down impurities, and clears oily skin. Shop it here.

5. Aromatica Sea Daffodil Cleansing Mousse, P795 For a routine that’s luxurious from start to finish, trade in your conventional foam for this silky, cloud-like mousse. With exfoliating papain extracts, it gently buffs away dead skin cells to reveal more radiant skin after every wash. Shop it here.

6. UGB Perfect Clean Mild Foam Cleansing, now on sale at P1,710 (limited time only) Ginseng is the way to go when it comes to all-around nourishment. Featuring the potent herb as its hero ingredient, this powerful formula protects skin by blocking free radicals, boosting blood circulation, and soothing inflammation. Shop it here.

7. Banila Co. Clean It Zero Foam Cleanser, P575 Last but definitely not least is Banila’s Holy Grail cleansing balm—now in the form of a moisture-rich foam! This soon-to-be bestseller doesn’t fall far from the tree with its superior cleansing power and skin-softening effect. Shop it here.