While you might think chocolate and wine are nice enough on their own, eating them together is a whole other experience. The perfect chocolate and wine pairing can taste like a match made in heaven. On the other hand? The combination can hit all the wrong notes when poorly matched.

Chocolate and wine each have intense taste profiles which might clash on the tongue if they aren’t paired carefully. One rule of thumb is to match the intensity of the two components, or choose a wine that is lighter than the chocolate you want to eat. To meet your perfect match, it often involves the tedious process of trial and error.

In order to help and not overwhelm, we’ve listed 7 chocolate and wine pairings that will your romance your tastebuds. Just in time to enjoy on your Valentine’s celebration!


Cab’s rich and overpowering taste is hard to cut through. A chocolate with a high cacao content of at least 50 per cent, however, complements the wine’s complexity.

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Champagne is versatile enough to have with a variety of chocolates. A classic choice is truffle chocolate which elevates the wine’s lively profile and texture.

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With its toasty notes, chardonnay pairs well with a chocolate that has a creamy texture and is enriched with hints of either caramel or vanilla to round out chard’s taste naturally.

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Like a nice Cab, merlot is equipped to take on a chocolate with heavier notes. A zippy chili-infused chocolate provides just enough heat without overpowering the well-rounded red.

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Thanks to the tropical nuances of the airy wine, a chocolate with a near identical profile, like chocolate-covered coconuts, creates a refreshing combination that isn’t cloying.

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Rosé, with its luscious taste and playful effervescence, really amps up milk chocolate’s velvety quality. Extra points if the chocolate has notes of tartiness to keep things exciting.

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One of the lighter reds on the list, pinot noir pairs nicely with white chocolate, which highlights and enhances the ingredients layered in the wine.

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