Pasta, chocolate, and potato chips are just a few of the foods we crave when we’re looking for comfort. Unfortunately, our average comfort food is infamous for calories and saturated fat, which are considered as major weight saboteurs.

It isn’t to say, of course, you have to sacrifice your favorites. Just choose smart options! Luckily, we put a list of 6 vegan alternatives for popular comfort foods like pasta, chocolate, and more. Perfect for whether you are fully vegan or just want to lessen your caloric intake. All under P500!

TRY: SOZO Natural Shirataki Spaghetti (270g), now on sale at P135 (limited time only)

Lighten the load using konjac pasta, which have zero carbs and calories. It’s virtually flavorless, creating the perfect vehicle for your favorite meal. What’s more? A plate increase your fiber intake to lessen your appetite and keep things moving.

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TRY: ASAB Organics Original Handmade Artisanal Cereals (200g), now on sale at P192 (limited time only)

Whole oats, almonds, pistachios, and fruit pack the cereal with fiber, protein, a whole lot of antioxidants from chia seeds. The flavorful clusters should keep you full until lunchtime, which makes it a very smart choice for your first meal.

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TRY: Whisk Green Beans Chips (40g), now on sale at P126 (limited time only)

One pack contains vacuum-fried sprouts, malt syrup, and palm oil. The outcome? Intensely crispy and flavorful chips. Plus, the fresh sprouts are pressure-cooking, allowing the sprouts to keep most of its vitamin and minerals.

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TRY: Chocoliz 80% Cacao Bar, now on sale at P126 (limited time only)

This pleasant indulgence is not only certified organic, it’s also free of artificial flavors and preservatives. 80-percent cacao provides all the chocolatey flavor you could want. Also, you could opt to melt the chocolate into a liquid or spread for the ultimate satisfaction. Yum!

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TRY: Vegetari Healthy Bites Chichashroom, now on sale at P200 (limited time only)

If you love chicharon, you will appreciate Chicashroom: a mushroom version of the classic Pinoy snack. It’s made with only five other ingredients, yet packs a whole lot of flavor. The flavor’s perfectly salty, which is awesome on its own or soaked in vinegar.

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TRY: The Green Tummy Organic Tricolor Quinoa (500g), now on sale at P451 (limited time only)

Chockfull of fiber, magnesium, iron, and manganese, quinoa makes a wonderful complement to your ulam. It’s also incredibly versatile. The seed can work in frittatas, cookies, muffins, and casseroles, proving its keep as a staple ingredient.

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