These days, you can solve just about anything with a spray. From germ-proofing your makeup to covering up a No. 2, a quick spritz is all it takes! Case in point: these 6 sprays speed up processes, elevate the senses, and improve your daily grind. Check ‘em out!

1. Déjà Poo Pre-Poo Spray (10ml), P120 Sometimes, you just have to “go” and there’s nothing you can do about it. The embarrassing part is when someone needs to use the toilet after you’ve done a No. 2!

But with this genius spray, there’s no need to light matches in your private bathroom or flush constantly in public ones. With its all-natural scented formula, Dèja Poo eliminates embarrassing odors by trapping them right in the toilet. Just spray the water in the bowl before you do the deed, and you’ll come out smelling like roses.

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2. Zenutrients Eucalyptus & Lemongrass Bug Repellent Spray, P278
Insect repellent is a must in the tropics—but the harsh smell is almost always a bust. Show of hands: who goes through extra lengths to disguise the smell of bug lotion by wearing more perfume? #Hassle

With this spa-scented spray, you hit two birds with one stone. Spritz this all-natural formula from top-to-tail, and you’ll not only stay bite-free, you’ll also smell fabulous. The eucalyptus puts up a defense against pesky insects, and the lemongrass will scent you refreshingly. #Hack

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3. By Nature Disinfect It! Spray, P230
Life is full of germs (insert sadface), and that’s precisely why washing your hands is so vital. It keeps you from getting sick, spreading viruses, and even helps maintain clear skin! Sadly, this is a fact that some folks ignore, simply because it isn’t always convenient.

If a sink is nowhere in sight, the 100% natural Disinfect It! Spray is perfect for on-the-go hygiene. It’s crafted with essential oils to purify your hands and can even disinfect soiled surfaces. Just be sure to keep it away from your eyes—this stuff is potent!

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4. Laverne Sanitizer (60ml), P399
Washing your makeup tools can sometimes take all day, depending on how many you use on a regular basis. That’s why so many girls just…let them be. But even the laziest need to face facts: those unwashed brushes and sponges are probably crawling with bacteria by now!

With the Laverne Sanitizer, you can disinfect your tools instantly. Just spritz it on your brushes, wait for it to dry, and voilà! Clean again! Beyond that, this wonder spray can even sanitize your actual makeup. Spray it over lipstick bullets, mascara wands, contouring creams, pressed powder palettes…the list goes on! Bye-bye, bacteria.

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5. Smell Chic Linen Spray, P479
It’s hard enough finding time to launder your clothes—what more your linens. If you’ve been making do with musty sheets, boy, oh, boy, have we got a treat for you!

Close your eyes, steady your breathing, and take in a draught of the Smell Chic Linen Spray. This home spray can be spritzed on sheets and furniture to get them smelling fresh. You can also discharge the mist into a wide, open space for an instant change in aroma. Good smells, good vibes.

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