Ever used a clay mask before? Google says everyone around you is at least thinking about it. Although K-beauty thrust them into the mainstream, these mud-like blends existed long before the Hallyu wave. Even Cleopatra used them during her reign! Today, the clay mask is a staple in the Asian beauty girl’s routine—and here’s exactly why.
1. It sucks the gunk straight out of your pores.
Clay ingredients are intensely absorbent. Once that thick goop touches your skin, it detoxifies your pores by drawing out deep-seated impurities. The bacteria is absorbed into the clay, and when you rinse your face, down the drain it goes.

2. It tightens and firms the skin.
When it comes to mud-masking, we live for the drying, cracking, and peeling-off process. You can actually feel the clay contracting as it sets. This tightening action visibly firms your skin and even heals the connective tissues that loosen up as we age.

3. It exfoliates without being abrasive.
We don’t know about you, but we’re done with scrubs scratching the moisture barrier straight off our faces. Unlike microbeads that tug and pull at skin, clay masks simply absorb dead cells from the surface to reveal the smoothness underneath.

4. It mattifies your skin.
If you’re oily and acne-prone, using a clay mask treatment every 3 to 4 days will keep shine at bay. Mud masks absorb excess sebum, and with regular use, regulate oil production for fresher skin in the long run.

5. It gradually lightens the appearance of scars.
Clay masks heal skin the way exercise heals the body: by stimulating blood flow. The tightening properties in mud blends will boost the circulation in your face, allowing blood cells to transport nutrients to troubled areas. This allows your skin to repair itself from within, increasing cell turnover and lightening any hyper-pigmentation.

6. It makes your skin glow.
Besides healing acne scars, the boosted blood flow also imparts a healthy and natural glow. That means you’ll look noticeably rosier and more radiant the more you mud-mask! Goodbye, NARS Orgasm, hello, built-from-within-bloom.


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