Don’t tell the other products in our skincare regimen, but serums are by far our favorite form of skincare. They’re potent, fast-acting, and target every skin issue in the book. You just have to look hard enough for the right one!

For starters, try these 6 superstar formulas, each one made to reverse some of your most common complexion problems. Easy!

1. Skin Genie ACV Serum, P399 BEST FOR: Clearing clogged pores

A testament to the power of apple cider vinegar, this local formulation seeps deep into the skin to give instant relief to congested pores. With naturally antiseptic properties, it kills bacteria for skin that stays clean and clear, even beyond the surface.

Shop it here.

2. Some by Mi Miracle Serum, now on sale at P1,300 (limited time only) BEST FOR: Killing stubborn pimples

Garnering consistent 5-star reviews, this anti-acne treatment is the stuff of dreams. It’s formulated with centella asiatica extract, tea tree, and 3 types of exfoliating acids—all of which work in tandem to quickly soothe inflammation, shrink active pimples, and remove all traces of acne-causing impurities.

Shop it here.

3. Lauren & Co. Skin Vitamins Anti Oxidant Serum with SPF 70 (30ml), P599 BEST FOR: Repairing damaged, over-exposed skin

Is your daily commute dulling your skin? Well, now you can brave the elements with this protective serum. It’s formulated with antioxidant-rich vitamins and SPF to shield your skin from a handful of damaging factors—from sun exposure and pollution to smoke and free radicals.

Shop it here.

4. Esfolio Snail Ampoule, P859 BEST FOR: Keeping hormonal acne at bay

When it’s that time of month, make sure to keep hormonal breakouts at bay with this snail mucin-packed treatment. It’s restorative properties quickly heals pimples, calms inflammation, and drenches the skin with long-lasting moisture.

Shop it here.

5. Leiania House of Beauty Milk Lemon Face Serum, P390 BEST FOR: Lightening dark spots and scars

Pimples may be frustrating, but the dark spots they leave behind take even longer to repair. So, why not shorten the process with a scar-erasing fix? This formula contains potent vitamin C and protective SPF, which work together to simultaneously fade spots and prevent further hyper-pigmentation.

Shop it here.

6. V&M Naturals Total Potion: Tamarind Insta-Lift Power Serum, on sale at P1,148 (limited time only) BEST FOR: Ironing out wrinkles

There’s no one-size-fits-all fix to aging skin, but this multitasking solution certainly comes close. Made with enzyme-rich tamarind, it combats all signs of damage—be it fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, blemishes, or lost elasticity. It’s the ultimate nighttime serum for mature skin types.

Shop it here.

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