One day you’re walking on sunshine; the next you wake up with a cloud over your head (is Mercury in retrograde again?!). A bad mood can leave a person in pieces, so our favorite solution is one that pulls you together fast: feel-good loot. When your vibes take a turn for the worst, these goodies might help! If anything, they’re cheaper than actual therapy.


TRY: Pixi Beauty Rose Oil Blend, P1,280

WHY: Rose oil is largely known for its antiseptic effects, but did you know that it has also been used an antidepressant? This nourishing face oil from Pixi easily doubles as a quick pick-me-up. One whiff of the floral blend will soothe your senses—and as soon as the oil is distributed over your face, it works to make you glow. With continued use, it can also prevent wrinkles and fine lines—which should definitely make you happy.


TRY: Avalon Nourishing Lavender Shampoo, on sale at P325, and Avalon Nourishing Lavender Conditioner, on sale at P310

WHY: Lavender has been known to improve your mood, relieve stress, and help you sleep well through the night. Sound like your cup of tea? Spread the scent through your hair with some lavender-laced shampoo and conditioner. These ones by Avalon Organics will get your locks nice ‘n’ silky and smelling like a dream all day.


TRY: Jarful of Goodness Pamper Me! Sugar Scrub, P230

WHY: Call it skincare catharsis. Scrubs have a therapeutic, tactile quality to them that will help you get some aggression out through touch. This particular scrub has an amazing coffee aroma that will lure you right out of bed (yes, even if you woke up on the wrong side of it). In the bath, the sugar granules will gently scrub away all the worries muddling your mind. FYI, a good scrub-a-dub increases circulation, gets rid of dead skin cells, and reveals baby-smooth skin underneath.


TRY: Beauty Bakery Decadent Body Butter, P350

WHY: Infused with the right essential oils, a good lotion can have the same mood-lifting effect as aromatherapy (and it makes your skin look better, to boot). In this case, our spa-in-a-bottle suggestion actually comes in a jam jar. Made by local brand Beauty Bakery, this luxurious body soufflé is enriched with coconut oil, emu oil, and shea butter—and the carefully curated scents linger long after you’ve slathered it on. That’s therapy you can feel and smell!

Top photo: @pixibeautyuk on Instagram