None of us are strangers to the benefits of Vitamin C serums for lightening acne marks. The only downside is this active is it can feel a little counterintuitive when you throw UV damage into the mix—Vitamin C erases dark spots and the sun darkens them. But considering the current state of the world, our exposure to the elements are minimal for the foreseeable future. if you really think about, now may actually be the best time to test out a Vitamin C serum. #StayAtHome While they’re a huge pain to shop for, we promise they’re worth the shot. So if you’re stuck in a limbo between all the confusing options, here’s a little push in the right direction from By Wishtrend’s Pure Vitamin C 21.5 Advanced Serum.

After some research and comparison, we’ve picked out the most important things to consider while shopping for the perfect Vitamin C serum. That way, you can get all the maxed-out benefits in no time and weed out the fakes from the real deal. Scroll to see!


These serums might all be labeled under “Vitamin C,” but what immediately sets them apart is the type of active that’s in the bottle. Ascorbic Acid is a popular and go-to favorite known to be the most powerful of the bunch. It targets hyperpigmentation, uneven tone and texture, plus is said to be the most effective according to research. Even if it’s also the most unstable, giving your serum that extra care will allow it to remain effective for a longer period of time.

Sodium and Magnesium Ascorbic Phosphate, on the other hand, are much more stable and less irritating in nature. So if sensitive skin is an issue, this is your best bet! Just remember that it’ll take longer to see the results compared to that of Ascorbic Acid. Time to hit up that ingredients list!


Wondering what all the percentages are about? Well, these let you know just how much of the active is concentrated within the bottle. Ideally, it’s best to aim around the 20-25% range for better, faster, and more noticeable results. But if you’re just starting out, let your skin get comfortable with smaller doses first by diluting it with a moisturizer or a complementing serum. As a rule, don’t forget to patch test first and build your skin’s tolerance so you can enjoy the serum’s benefits to your heart’s content.


Let’s keep getting nice and cozy with that ingredients list, because now we’re onto the base. If you’re on the fence about whether to go for oil or water, many are great fans of a water base. Lightweight and less fussy, this type allows your serum to sink effortlessly into the skin, letting it drink up all the antioxidants without trouble. Plus, it’ll be easier to wear under moisturizer and makeup in the morning! Now that’s a win-win.


In this case, less is more. So if you haven’t been noticing results, it might have something to do with the serum’s pH level. Do some research and give it a check to see if it’s at the optimal 2.0-3.5 where it’s low and acidic. Since this means that the formula will be acidic in nature, always remember to patch test first and ease your skin into it by applying small doses. You can never be too careful!


A common red flag for an ineffective formula is when the serum oxidizes and starts to appear yellow or brown. So on the off chance you’ll get a peek at the actual serum, keep your eyes peeled for ones that are clear and colorless. This lets you know that the formula is still in good shape and can provide the skin with all the promised benefits.


Yup, even the packaging matters when dealing with Vitamin C! Because the actives easily break down when exposed to air or light, you’re going to want serums with an amber, blue dropper bottle, or any kind of opaque packaging. They keep the formula away from light and allow it to maintain stability. Also, to keep your serum fresh for a longer period of time, store it in the fridge away from humidity! It’ll keep the serum from oxidizing sooner than it should. And there you have it! Keep all these in mind and you’ll be able to spot those red flags at a glance. Even better, we’ve got loads of options that tick the best of all these boxes, including the By Wishtrend Pure Vitamin C 21.5 Advanced Serum. From its packaging down to the formula, we’re going to bet you’ll like what you see. Now, go and get yourself a bottle; it’s good stuff.

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