High in fat, low in carbs, and 100% open to bacon, the keto diet is understandably all the rage these days. The only problem is finding an appropriate snack to satisfy your “hanger” pangs. Because you can’t just reach for tortilla chips or a chocolate chip cookie anymore, now can you? (It’s against the rules!)

Here’s the good news: while you can’t eat exactly what you want, there is a wealth of keto-friendly snacks out there. As proof, we’ve listed 6 examples that we swear you’ll be happy to munch on.

1. Moon Cheese in Gouda and Pepperjack, P280 each
If you catch yourself wondering why in the world you went keto, pop one of these in your mouth and everything will be better. These dehydrated little cheese clusters will send any fromage fan over the moon. Whether you’re jonesing for the gouda or pepper jack, they’re all high in protein and calcium, plus, super fun to eat. Yum!

Shop them here and here.

2. Natural Health’s Naked Cacao Nibs, P175
Whoever said keto isn’t dessert-friendly was sorely mistaken. These sugar-free nibs are 100% pure cacao, which means they have a bittersweet taste similar to dark chocolate. Since they’re low in carbs, too, you never have to feel guilty about indulging in them. Throw them together with a handful of almonds and you’ve got something to instantly satisfy your sweet tooth.

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3. NUCO Original Organic Coconut Wrap, Turmeric Organic Coconut Wrap, Cinnamon Organic Coconut Wrap, P149 each
We all have our weaknesses—and if white bread is one of ‘em, you aren’t alone. Lucky for you, these coconut wraps are a nice alternative. Made with simple ingredients and at only 70 calories apiece, these wraps are as keto-friendly as they come. They’re also offered in a variety of flavors, from sweet to savory, to satisfy any kind of craving.

Shop them here, here, and here.

4. Made By Maxi Almond Butter (Plain Roasted), P385
We’ve tried many a nut butter in our day, but this might be one of the best. Not only is it tasty, it’s super filling, too. The healthy fats take care of your tummy, while the short ingredients list—almonds and salt—take care of your taste buds. FYI, this totally energizes the body.

Shop it here.

5. Cracking Monkey Ready-To-Eat Sprouted Pili Nuts, P220
Fun fact: compared to any other nut on the planet, pili nuts boast higher fat and lower carbohydrate content. Translation: they’re every keto devotee’s BFF. This local variant is probably the most fun way to eat it, too. Each pouch comes with a tiny lever so you can crack your pili straight from the shell.

Shop it here.

6. Memz Pork Chicharon, P100
It wouldn’t be a keto snack list without the meat, now would it? These crunchy pork rinds are made from premium French pork and cooked through a special oil-free method. Most importantly, they’re full of protein. Trust us when we say this crunchy, flavorful chicharon puts any additive-packed variant to shame.

Shop it here.

See? Keto doesn’t have to be so hard. To learn more about this diet, click here!

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