The trouble with sugar is once you’ve developed a taste for it, giving it up feels like losing a very special friend. Thankfully, we don’t have to quit all sugar, even if we’re trying to eat a little cleaner. There are options that won’t mess with our insulin levels and put us on track for rapid weight gain. Coconut sugar, dates, stevia—those are just some of our low-glycemic go-to’s. Taste them in fully-formed sweet treats below!


1. Wild Friends Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter, P69 For PB loyalists who want to change things up, try this twist on your favorite spreadable. Combining roasted peanuts, coconut, and unsweetened dark chocolate, each protein-rich, salty-sweet spoonful of this is satisfying enough to have on its own.

2. Eating Evolved Primal Chocolate Bar in Almond Sea Salt, P280 If it’s chocolate you’re after, skip the ones with fillers. This one’s made with just 72% cacao, organic almonds, and Himalayan sea salt, lightly sweetened with coconut sugar. It’s as pure as cacao can be—and it tastes like it, too.

3. Lara Bar Apple Pie Bar (45g), P70 For a taste of all-American apple pie you can have on-the-go, get a load of this. Made with just 6 ingredients, including dates for sweetness, it’s the only fruit-and-nut bar that’s a match for some freshly baked deliciousness.

4. Purely Elizabeth Banana Nut Butter Grain-Free Granola, P379 Still on a paleo kick and desperately seeking the comfort of granola? No need to thank us for this grain-free option! Powered by reishi extract, seeds, nuts, and a helping of banana puree, this tastes just like banana bread with lots of crunch and chew. It’s better than any sugary cereal we’ve ever tried.

5. RXBar Mixed Berry Protein Bar (52g), P135 What has 12g of protein, the juicy taste of mixed berries, and less than 250 calories for a monster-sized bar? This guy. Between the berries, nuts, dates, and egg whites (fun fact: that’s where most of an egg’s protein lives!), it’s practically an entire meal already.

6. Sinfit Birthday Cake Protein Cookie (78g), P130 This birthday cake cookie tastes like such a gift, it should come wrapped in a ribbon. Soft-baked and covered in colorful vanilla icing, you’d think this was something dainty—but it actually packs 20g of protein! Enough to power all your workouts and satisfy your sweet tooth at once.

So, which one are you wolfing down first?

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