You work hard to keep your body, skin, hair, and nails clean, so you might as well show your intimate area love, too. While your vagina cleans itself, there are many way to keep it looking—and feeling—as fresh as a flower.

Using feminine wash is one of, if not the most, popular methods. Whether it comes in your favorite scent or provides you with confidence on your period, the proper feminine wash is one of the key factors in keeping your intimate area in check. We put together list of 6 of our favorites just for you. The options are safe, mostly contain natural ingredients, and will keep your pH levels in perfect balance. Just scroll!

1. Skin Genie Feeling Fresh Whitening Feminine Wash (60ml), P150
For any feminine wash, the key thing is to choose something mild so that it doesn’t give you any irritations or rashes in the vaginal area. Skin Genie’s intimate wash is as gentle as they come. It’s made with coconut, pacifying chamomile, and mint to leave your nether regions fresh and clean. What’s more, the cleanser also lightens pigmentation. It contains papaya extract, which is renowned for its natural whitening properties.

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2. Human Nature Natural Odor Protect Fem Wash (165ml, 99.6% Natural), P250

Made without chemicals or artificial ingredients, Human Nature depends on—you guessed it—nature to get our lady parts squeaky-clean. It contains mangosteen, plant-sourced cleansing agents, and skin-calming aloe vera to fight odor-causing properties and prevent infections. The wash’s low pH level makes it safe for all, including the most sensitive among us. Plus, it has a powder fragrance (natural, of course!) and a cooling sensation that lasts throughout the day. Perfect for our PH weather!

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3. Algynatural Seaweeds Intimate Wash (50ml), P70
We know what you’re thinking: seaweed down there? Yes, it’s true! Unbeknownst to many, seaweed actually helps cleanse your skin and remove impurities while rebalancing moisture levels. Algynatural’s variation, in fact, has received rave reviews. Just one drop will give you that fresh AF feeling you crave, even on red days! Like most fem washes in the market, it kills bad bacteria and decreases vaginal discharge. But the added bonus features? It promotes healing against common skin problems with enriched lavender, keeps the area healthy with moisturizing Vitamin E, provides a cooling feel with mint, and prevents infection, odor, and itchiness. Wins all around!

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4. Milea Guava Feminine Wash (60ml), P225
Milea’s feminine wash is enriched with organic guava, lemongrass, and tea tree essential oils to control the odor down there—all matched with an extra gentle formula! Since the formula is all-natural, it’s paraben, SLES, soap-free, and doesn’t contain any chemical preservatives and colors. So even if you’ve got the most sensitive skin, you can get a refreshing cleanse without facing any issues! Plus, it comes in a bottle that’s travel-friendly, so you won’t have to worry about parting ways with this wherever you go around the world.

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5. Veeda Feminine Wipes (20 Sheets), P161
If you want to feel 100% cleansed and refreshed while you’re on the go, perhaps it’s time to replace your regular stash of baby wipes with feminine wipes especially suited for your intimate area. The Veeda Feminine Wipes is made with 100% natural cotton, so you can indulge in that pillowy softness with every swipe. Moreover, it conditions your skin with vitamin E and B5 and lotus extract. It’s refreshingly hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and free from chlorine, silicones, parabens, GMO, synthetics, dyes, and fragrances. The best part? It’s biodegradable and made with recycled packaging, so you can hit your sustainability goals, too!

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6. pH Care® Naturals Papaya Feminine Wash (150ml), P150
Of course we had to include the OG feminine wash that’s become a cult-favorite throughout the years: pH Care’s Naturals Papaya Feminine Wash! Clinically formulated with the right pH level of 5, it’s sure to give you that gentle cleanse with just a few drops. It also contains papaya extract that doesn’t just safely whiten the bikini area—it gives off such a pleasantly fragrant fruit smell to eliminate foul odors on the spot.

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The beauty of it all? It’s available online right here, right NOW, so you no longer have to make a run to the grocery to restock your feminine essentials!

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