The simple, shampoo-like packaging will lead you to underestimate its power, but let’s just be clear: there’s more to Castile soap than meets the eye. Take, for instance, the Unscented Manila Castile Soap by Casa de Lorenzo. It’s made with only four ingredients (pili pulp oil, palm oil, VCO, and water) but works impressively as a top-to-toe wash.
And that’s not the only thing this all-natural blend can do. Unbeknownst to many, Castile soap can be combined with other ingredients to suit your beauty needs. You can make your own shampoo, shaving gel, even makeup remover using this liquid—all without breaking the bank. Get Castile soap-crafty with the 6 hacks below!
You already know it as a body wash, but Castile soap does wonders as a bath soak, too. Mix a few squirts of the soap with a few drops of essential oil (we personally like lavender). Add this to your bathwater with the tap still running. Not only will this yield softer, sweeter-smelling skin, you’ll also get to replicate a spa experience for a fraction of the price.
To supercharge your haircare, combine equal parts Castile soap, coconut milk, and Vitamin E oil. This mixture will create a beautiful, liquid-y shampoo that makes your hair feel silky-smooth. Disclaimer: this particular Castile soap is unscented, so you might also want to add your favorite fragrance oil!
Long day? Squeeze a few drops of Castile soap onto a hot washcloth. Once you’ve spread the liquid, gently lay the cloth over your face. Close your eyes and keep the cloth on for 10 minutes to unwind. This steam will bring you rosier cheeks, softer skin, and a clearer headspace.
In a small, empty bottle, combine 1 tbsp. of Castile soap and 1 1/2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Fill up the balance with distilled water. Voilà, you’ve made some makeup remover! Your waterproof mascaras won’t stand a chance against this tincture—not to mention, it won’t irritate your eyes.
For your closest, cleanest shave yet, simply combine equal parts Castile soap and coconut oil. The soap will give you a good lather, and the extra coconut oil will keep your skin soft and supple. (We say “extra” because Casa de Lorenzo’s soap already contains VCO).
This hack needs no additional ingredients—the Castile soap will remove oil and bacteria from your brushes by itself! Just put a few drops of the soap into the palm of your hand. Swirl a wet brush into the liquid until you get a nice lather. Repeat as necessary. You’ll know the brush is clean as a whistle when the water flowing down the drain runs clear.

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