If your perfect summer day consists of the sun, sand, and sea, then a weekend away from the Metro is probably the sweetest escape. But between trips to the coast and lazy hangouts by the pool, our skin and hair take on plenty of stress. Yikes! So that you never have to forego any summer shenanigan, here are 6 beauty essentials to toss into your beach tote.

1. Carmex Strawberry Click Stick with SPF 15, P139 This has everything you want in a summer lip balm: a burst of strawberry flavor, SPF 15, and a comfortable waxy texture with staying power. A few seconds after application, a cooling sensation kicks in, giving you instant relief from the rays.

2. VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Sport 70 Mini, P516 You’ll want (no, need) a ton of SPF to match the intensity of the weather. This sunscreen is perfect because it’s made to outlast the elements! Formulated with a unique barrier-film, it stays put not only under the sun but also underwater for 80 minutes at a time. If you’re sharing the love with a friend or your entire barkada, grab a tube that’s twice the size.

3. Innisfree Perfect Waterproof Sunblock, on sale at P850 Some body sunscreens are too slick for the face, but this baby will keep you from looking like a braised lechon—promise. The two-in-one potion provides maximum protection while nourishing your skin with organic sunflower oil and green tea extracts.

4. Maui Babe Browning Lotion, on sale at P1,789 You’re a sun-worshipper through and through, so you might as well do it right! This browning cream hails all the way from Hawaii, where the locals’ tans are golden year-round. A blend of Kona Coffee extracts cuts your tanning time in half, and the vitamins in the formula moisturize and protect your pelt. Just don’t forget to wear SPF underneath it!

5. Aloe Derma After Sun Repairing Lotion, on sale at P413 So, a day under the sun turned you into a human blister? Heal yourself with aloe vera—lots of aloe vera. Pumped up with purslane, witch hazel, and mint, this after-sun lotion soothes the burn while speeding up cell turnover to keep the aching ‘n’ flaking at bay.

6. Bedhead Totally Beachin’ Shampoo, P1,300, and Bedhead Totally Beachin’ Conditioner, P1,500 Real-life beach hair is sadly different from the way it looks on TV. Expectation: Blake Lively waves. Reality: fried frizz. It takes TLC to get your hair looking as good as the girls on-screen, considering all the damage it is subjected to by the sea. Our advice: use hair care formulated for beach babes! The Totally Beachin’ line uses vitamin E and glycerin to smoothen the hair, aloe vera to soothe your scalp, and an addicting grapefruit scent to put you in a summer state of mind.
The only thing that’s missing is a tote to dump all your essentials into! And you’re in luck: the first 10 beauties to purchase the Bed Head Totally Beachin’ shampoo and conditioner as a set will win a limited edition Mara Hoffman bag, while supplies last. Now who’s beach-ready?

Top photo courtesy of Bed Head