We’ll be the first to admit that our makeup stash runneth over—and honestly, it’s become an issue with housekeeping. Feel the same? Here are five storage solutions that will clean up your kikay kits, straighten out your vanity tables, and simplify your life. Hoarding never looked this good!

1. Suesh Open Design Vanity Case, on sale at P2,660
If you can’t leave home without most, er, all your loot in tow, think of this as makeup luggage. A multi-tiered case with stackable trays will help you keep all your cosmetics secure while you’re in transit. Isn’t it neat?

2. Cascade Cosmetic Organizers, P299-P479
To maximize the space on your dresser, try a solution that’s vertically oriented. These nifty acrylic organizers are designed with miniature shelving to house various pots, pans, and bottles, as well as strategically-placed puncture holes to hold lipstick tubes. Say goodbye to the trouble of keeping all this stuff tidy!

3. Wild Peach Palettes: Personal Size, P280, Professional Size, P550 Speaking of pots and pans, these magnetic palettes are just waiting to be populated by makeup refills without a home. They just have to be made of iron for the magnetized base to work on them. Palettes like these are a particularly awesome solution because you can carry a variety of brands in one place—and you’ll never have to worry about misplacing your most expensive refills.

4. PRO STUDIO Brush Dryer Stand, on sale at P1,280 This is an upgrade from laying your wet brushes over an old towel—and certainly more space-efficient! Plus, a dryer stand easily doubles as a smart display, which will be very helpful for folks with a vast brush collection.

5. PRO STUDIO Set of 10 Must-have Brush Guards, on sale at P225 Nope, these aren’t just a gimmick. Brush guards keep the bristles of your makeup brushes from losing their shape, which in turn prolongs their shelf life. These narrow sleeves also do a wonderful job of keeping gross bacteria at bay, so don’t knock ‘em ‘til you’ve tried ‘em!