Troubled times can leave you feeling far from your best self—we’ve all been there. But while you weather through the storm, the last thing you want is clumpy, runny mascara. Cringe.

The good news is that a waterproof formula can save your day and your entire makeup look. Check out our customers’ top tear-proof picks below—all tried, tested, and loved by readers just like you. Read on!

1. Heroine Make Long Curl Mascara, P1,050 “The search is over. I finally found the best mascara in the whole world! One application is enough to give you long and curly lashes and no joke… it IS super water proof. I tried to put water on my lashes after an hour that I applied it, but no, it really stays on.. No smudge at all.” – Marj, Oily Skin

This super-strength solution delivers long, lasting lashes in a single sweep—and by lasting, we’re talking 10 full hours. It also comes with a its own mascara remover, so you can easily wipe off layers of product without leaving a single a trace of evidence behind.

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2. Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Angel Mascara (Very Black), P459 “If you like that cat-like mascara look you can put this on at an angle and it will look perfect. Another plus is that its waterproof, so I even use this while exercising (haha).” – Narly, Combination Skin

Fake it ‘till you make it, as they say—but with dramatic, ultra-plump lashes, you’ll be stopping every onlooker in their tracks. It’s built with a push-up wing brush, which turns up the volume and lifts up stubborn strands. In other words, you’ll be sporting long lashes that look realer than ever!

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3. Detail Flutter Lengthening & Volumizing Waterproof Mascara, P245 “On one occasion, it lasted the entire day…at first indoors in an air-conditioned room then outdoors on a hot sunny afternoon. Lasted through a great deal of crying as well! I guess I can say that it is sweat-proof and tear-proof ;-)” – Nicole, Combination Skin

If you’re going to amp up the drama, make sure you’ve got a bold, breathtaking look to go with it. This waterproof pigment plumps up every lash, creating a full-blown, dazzling effect that stays flawless all day long.

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4. L’Oreal Paris False Butterfly Wings Waterproof Mascara, P500 “This HG makes my lashes appear to be darker and fuller making my eyes look bigger and brighter. This is also water/sweat/tears proof so you don’t have to worry about it smudging.” – Anna, Oily Skin

Got tired, puffy eyes? This easy formula should create a lifted, brighter appearance. It curls, lengthens, and defines each individual lash, and enhances the shape of your eyes. No clumping, no smudging, yet absolutely lightweight!

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5. Maybelline Volum’ Express Magnum Big Shot Waterproof Black Mascara, P349 “Used it for last week’s Christmas Party and I tested its waterproof claim by crying. No raccoon eyes! Maybelline is a genius with their affordable makeup. Also, the wand is easy to work with and the formula fakes long lashes.” – Nicole, Combination Skin

This tiny bottle is boosted with hefty amounts of collagen, and gives your lashes an instant fluff-up. Its unique wand is crafted with wavy, winded bristles to help give you that added HD effect. You can get through a crying spell all through the night, and still wake up looking fierce

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